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For what it’s worth, the Four Horsemen say more 6″ DCUC-style DC figures are coming in 2013.


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  1. Enigma_2099

    So until 2013, MattyCollector Club's got you by the balls…

    The club's not doing so hot, what do we do? I know! Let's take away all their other options! Genius!

    is this the general pattern I'm getting here?

  2. wilyjeff

    20 (and a half) waves of a single toyline, plus a decent pile of ancillary waves, two-packs, five-packs, and online exclusives, in spite of all the fanboy complaining as well as legitimate Mattel screwups, is nothing to sneeze at. But even the most evergreen of franchises needs a hiatus every now and then. TMNT, GIJoe, Transformers, Star Wars, and let's not forget DCUC's most direct competitor/comparison, Marvel Legends– all have gone away at some point only to roar back onto the action figure aisles stronger than ever. in some of these cases, the properties went away for years before coming back. What we're talking about with Mattel's DC product is a year or so of reduced output (and not really even that, given the flood of DKR merchandise we're likely to see in a few months). So, yeah, I'd say the negativity is DEFINITELY unwarranted.

    • And say what you will about Mattel reusing body types too much, but I think Mattel has given a more diverse selection with DCUC than Toybiz or Hasbro have given with Marvel Legends.

      Marvel Legends are amazing figures, but they focus a lot on a few characters, making multiple versions of them.

      We did get multiple Batman figures in DCUC, but overall I'd say that was a pretty diverse character selection.

    • fishandcross

      I agree with John. Yes, there were quite a few frustrations over the past few years trying to collect Mattel's DCUC. But it truly is an excellent and diverse line. For years, I was hoping to recreate a Super Powers line-up that I could not afford as a child, and now I have. I actually like sculpt consistency in my collection of figures, so I never complained about Mattel re-using the same two male bucks (slight size differences between Superman and Flash for example). I feel there is still a good handful of characters that need to be made by Mattel. So let's hope whatever "refresh" they are going through will still capture these missing characters. (I really want an Effigy and Ocean Master, Mattel!!)

  3. Joe Muto

    I don't think that this should really surprise us. Lines change names/evolve/morph all the time regardless of brand. I think it would be surprising if they stopped making the figures in this scale completely or just gave up on any toys that aren't directly aimed at kids. New packaging, new name and new versions of characters are how most companies keep a product "fresh" and try to bring in new buyers.

    I don't like Mattel, and i'm not applauding or condemning this. It's just a normal thing that's been happening for, at least, my 33 years of collecting expense.
    The details may change slightly, but you're still going to get new figures. This is not the end of the world and the people crying "Chicken Little" need to remember that they will still make action figures if for no other reason than it is profitable for a toy company with a popular franchise to do so.
    Mattel cares about money. It's not in their interest to stop producing something that brings in revenue.
    As far as all the fanboy complaints go, that's another story. But as long as you have money, Mattel will try to find a way to take it from you. And they're usually successful when it comes to the masses. Collector whining aside, these toys made a lot of money for Mattel and that's why they're going to keep making them.

  4. carl

    this has more to do with DC Direct and their new distro that the fans or mattel, honestly. Check out all the announcements today… I think that there was just too much overlap with both lines and something had to give.

  5. I really don't think they have the right to chastise us for any negativity. This debacle is not being handled well from a PR standpoint. To have the YJ cancellation confirmed by some no name on a message board & then a very cryptic follow up on Facebook? Our fears have been warranted ever since the poor execution at SDCC last year

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