Illustrating Voltron

Using the coloring technique shown in the “Illustrating Skeletor” guest post by Phil Reed, I spent a couple hours over the weekend turning this:

Voltron - Original

into this:

Voltron - Colorized

I need more practice, obviously. But it’s pretty fun, and works particularly well with robots like this. Also: this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite action figures ever.


Figure It Out #13


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  1. Mecha-Shiva

    SEXAY pic!I was wondering if anyone has this figure posed with the classic Castle of Lions playset?

  2. Yep! Mattel's sculpt is awesome and your art is too!

  3. I was never really a huge Voltron fan so I passed on this — but every once in a while (like now) I wish I had this figure.

  4. Awesome work!

  5. Mario


  6. Dark Angel

    Poe, your image really illustrates just how almost perfectly Mattel captured the original animation in 3D form! It could just damn near be a cel from the show. Really awesome work.

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