Mattel Unveils (Some) SDCC 2012 Exclusives


Masters of the Universe® Vykron™ ($30)

If clothes make the He-Man®, then this pitch prototype for the 1982 lineup is destined to be the star of the MOTU 30th Anniversary celebration thanks to a choice of three outfits: barbarian, spaceman, and military warrior! You’ll get him in-package dressed as a barbarian only at SDCC , but you can find him here at after the show packed as a spaceman or military warrior (all three outfits are included regardless of where he’s purchased). Want to know more about this multi-purpose warrior? Set includes one “buck,” or figure, with three different outfits/helmets to interchange between space, military and barbarian looks. Check back for the history of Vykron™, soon to be disclosed…

Poe’s Thoughts: Amazing. I suspect there will be fans who will hate this set, but as someone who cheerfully embraces the goofier and more sci-fi elements of MOTU, I think it seems really fun. Is it better than getting, say, Modulok? Well, no. But this is arguably a good convention exclusive, because plenty of fans can happily pass on it. On a side note, have we ever seen pics of the original prototypes?

DCU Tiny Titans ($20)

They may be miniscule, but they’re mighty! The core team of Tiny Titans is rendered in 1-1/2” scale in this 5-pack of collectible figures including Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy. Sidekick City Elementary is just a quick bus ride away with packaging featuring specially commissioned artwork from Tiny Titans’ series creator. The display base has both the official Tiny Titans logo and a “flight” stand just for Raven.

I haven’t read Tiny Titans but I’ve heard good things, so this seems like a nice set.

DC Comics Vertigo™ Death ($25)

Some envision Death as a grim reaper or dark angel to be feared. But as created by Neil Gaiman for DC Comics’ line of Vertigo comics, the Sandman`s older sister is pretty, perky and always gets the job done. She`s been around since the beginning of time and is exactly the kind of girl you`ll want to follow into the unknown. Our 8” figure of Death wears her trademark ankh necklace and comes with a skull-themed display base.

And after all the discussion of Vertigo being off-limits to DCUC… The sculpt looks great, but I’m wondering, is this a statue or a figure?

Ghostbustersâ„¢ Dana as Zuul ($25)

“There is no Dana, only Zuul!” Our long-awaited 6” figure of Dana Barrett as Zuul from the first Ghostbusters™ features authentic, film-accurate sculpting right down to her golden gown. And, with two interchangeable lower bodies she can stand or, when she tires of waiting for the coming of Gozer, sit on the included bench display.

No question here – this is a statue. Pass.

Disney • Pixar Cars 2012 Comic-Con Mater ($30)

This year’s Comic-Con vehicle captures the hilarious scene from Cars 2 when our beloved Mater finds himself in a Tokyo bathroom stall. Just like in the movie, Mater is surprised with flashing lights, catchy music, and a thorough scrub down! This memorable moment comes to life with moving side jets, as well as a jet that springs up to clean Mater’s undercarriage, lifting his back wheels off the floor. Covered in suds, Mater experiences hi-tech action unlike anything he’s ever seen in Radiator Springs!

Blah blah blah Cars

Polly Pocket® DC Comics Villains Set ($19.99)

It’s a guaranteed adventure with this trio of comic-book character costumes for Polly® and her friends! Polly®, Lilia® and Lea® arrive in a themed 3-pack dressed as their favorite DC Comics villains: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

I’m not sure how popular the She-Ra pack was last year, but these are cool, I guess.

Images of these items are in the works as you read this so be sure to come back soon!

  • Hot Wheels® Masters of the Universe® Volkswagen Drag Bus
  • Hot Wheels® Scooby-Doo!â„¢ The Mystery Machine
  • Hot Wheels® K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand
  • Monster High® – To be revealed. It’s a mystery to us, too!
So…no 6″ vehicle Voltron, I guess. Bummer!


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  1. The Flash III

    Toy Guru said in Mattycollector forums that they wanted to try out some new stylistic pieces to attract the Comic Con crowd and funnel DCUC-style pieces to That may be, but Death? From a Sandman series that was popular a decade ago? Why not something DCnU at least?

    I guess I'm thankful that I'll be saving the usual $40, but as a DCUC fan, I feel like they're just being cheap by not doing a complete tool figure like Doomsday or Elongated Man, especially when Scott constantly complains that they didn't get enough interest in the 2012 sub to do 100%-tool figures in it and there won't be any. Disappointing, but I guess we're all used to it by now.

  2. toyman

    I think I'm the only person on the planet that actually wants the Dana figure/statue. Yeah, she's essentially a statue, but it looks like a nice sculpt and A) let's be honest…it's just going to sit on a shelf and look good so who cares if it's a statue with no articulation, and B) statue Dana is better than no Dana.
    In other news, Vykron is awesome and I'll most likely buy 3.

  3. Wes GRogan

    I'm wondering if perhaps the "Vykron" figures aren't going to be bald. For the removable head pieces, it would almost have to be.

  4. There were photos of the prototypes in the Power and Honor Foundation Catalog Vol. 1 page 19. I was blown away by this exclusive, so flippin' cool and PERFECT for the 30th anniversary.

  5. Fengschwing

    So it turns out that Death is definitely 8 inches NOT 6 inch and has articulation at the neck, shoulders and waist, but as she's pre-posed, it's pointless (unless, I suppose you want her saluting or pretending to drink a glass of water or something).
    Ah well, I save myself some money this year then.
    Wonder how long till Hasbro get the DC licence?

  6. Jack Static

    You can find pics for the motuc prototypes all over the orgs pages, but its mixed in within the 20 gazillion pages.

    I like em, i didnt originally want them to be honest, ive been aware of them, even tho i never saw the art book, and i never found a scan of the book (i refuse to pay 200+ for that thing, and i dont consider dl’ing a scan of it to be morally wrong, it’s like saying “the only way for anyone to ever view a picasso has to be to buy one” its just not feasible, and its “art” that should be viewed by everyone /endrant)

    Anyway, i like the tank the most, im undecided on how many i would like to buy, but i figure i’ll get 2, and open one of my several heman figs in a box still and use that as a buck.

    Other exclusives do not a damn thing for me, shocked by dana, and surprised by lack of a dcuc figure too

  7. Fengschwing

    I have to agree with Sledgehama, the Death figure is…well…why?
    It's nice done, don't get me wrong, but with only two, maybe three points of articulation, a scale outside of the rest of my collection and a base that on second glance is actually pretty incongruous with the character* I'll be passing.
    Why is it Mattel has to release something out of scale with the rest of DCUC every other year? But then I guess DCUC is dead so it doesn't matter.
    Dead, oh, now I get it…

    *As the bio says, she's perky! Ok, she's a goth, but she hangs around in the park on sunny days feeding the birds and loves going to see Mary Poppins. Even her realm looks like an untidy British council semi, not some kind of bone strewn mausoleum.

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