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  • PGPoA was mentioned on Ain’t It Cool News’ AICN Toys section yesterday in regard to my recent post about DCUC. Unfortunately, the quote they attribute to me is actually something I quoted from NoisyDvL5’s editorial on ItsAllTrue. I posted a comment to try and set the record straight.
  • It’s been a banner week for Power Pals. PPP Ben Leach, who comes from a whole family of collectors (toy and otherwise), have opened their own website, the Collector Gene. Here’s how he describes it:  “What separates us from a lot of collecting websites is a.) we own everything that we write about (and if we don’t, we clarify that), and b.) all four of us collect and are going to contribute to the website. Obviously, I’m going to write about the kind of stuff that appeals to your readers, but if your readers like shows like Antiques Roadshow or Pawn Stars, then I think they’ll appreciate everything on there. “
  • I’m not sure how many have heard of this, but there’s a group doing MOTU fan films. I haven’t watched them yet, but here’s their website. I suppose I owe it to you all to look into this further, so I will once I can get through some of my existing backlog.
  • At long last, Diamond Select is giving me the Mego-style Creature of the Black Lagoon I’ve been asking for since they created the line. It will be on my desk at work. Oh yes.
  • I’ve started using the PGPoA Facebook page more – primarily for stuff like recent purchases, random toy-related links, and news bits and other stuff on weekends. If you’re not on Facebook or don’t follow the site you won’t miss anything important, but for those of you jonesing for a more frequent PGPoA fix should keep an eye on it.
  • English page for S.H.MonsterArts Rodan. I’m such a mark for this line.
  • So, what sold out in yesterday’s Mattycollector sale? Thunder Punch He-Man, Tri-Klops, & the Voltron Yellow Lion. As of this posting, Draego-Man, Orko, and other figs are still there. I’m tempted to buy another Orko to see if I can get a Prince Adam without incredibly loose ankles, but does such a thing even exist?
  • This humor in this Saturday morning cartoon parody Starbarians is a bit tasteless, but the animation is well done – and the name and concept kick ass. How did every 1980s toy-and-cartoon producer miss “Starbarians”? This is the decade that created Dinosaucers!
  • Diamond Select had a prototype sculpt of a new Battle Beast grey retailer summit version of Vorin on display at C2E2.
  • Here are some new pics of the Play Arts Kai Mass Effect 3 figures. Now you can create your own ambiguous ending to Shepard’s saga!


Pic of the Day > Sapphire Weapon by ridureyu


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  1. Dead Man Walking

    Is it just me, or does Timber look like he's taking a dump in the O&E's picture?

    • Mario

      Man, that is funny. Looks like a tough one too.

  2. stack32

    Not impressed with the head on the ME3 Shepard at all. Garrus looks good though, but I'm still annoyed enough at the ending that any Mass Effect product is a tough sell.

  3. AmericanHyena

    Of the four Adams my friend and I got (one version of Orko each), two had solid ankles, two were floppy feet.

  4. Mario

    Odd, my Adam has perfectly tight ankles, but bad paint blotches on his thighs, which had me debating picking up another one. Is this a well documented issue?

  5. Thanks for the plug! Our website is just getting started and we don't have a facebook button on the page yet, but we would appreciate any likes at http://www.facebook.com/TheCollectorGene.

    Also, it appears that not only was a prototype on display, but I've seen a few clear red and solid gray versions of Vorin the Ram pop on eBay, so they must have been handing a few out.

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