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  • This year’s MOTU-related April Fool’s gags had a distinct theme. He-Man.org provides a rundown of the history of the vintage Mighty Spector; Pixel Dan previews the upcoming MOTUC Mighty Spector; and even Mattel itself gets in on the joke by announcing a Mighty Spector and the Time Agents toyline and animated series: “Neitlich further added: ‘I really want to thank the fans. If not for them posting so much about The Mighty Spector online, management would have never been alerted to his popularity!'”
  • ThinkGeek also had its usual run of fake products we all want them to make real. There seem to have been a dozen of them, but the best were the inflatable Star Trek captain’s chair (which I guarantee you will not only be made, but appear on an episode of The Big Bang Theory next season) and the Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass.
  • I can’t remember if I already posted this or not, but Mattel posted packaging pics and bios of Slush Head and Mighty Spector. Did we already know Slush Head’s tentacles weren’t bendies? That’s pretty disappointing, although I’m not sure his vintage figure had bendy tentacles either.
  • Backyard Legends, the people behind the Prince of Crystal, have created a sculpted version of that weird monster pit sticker from the bottom of the original Castle Grayskull playset. It was available for sale at the Emerald City Comic Con this past weekend and will be sold online soon. One thing to note, it’s sold unpainted, at least so far. I have my usual reservations about items based on existing copyrighted products, but if you’re looking for something to display your MOTUC with – and have some painting skills (at least until they offer painted versions), this might be for you.
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  1. Russ

    I'd rather have articulated tentacles than qc issues like people had with Snout Spout's bendy trunk.

  2. Zubrycky

    Mattel should release THIS Spector…

  3. Mark

    MOTUC need Movie Skeletor, I would by that without any hesitation. 😀

  4. Jack Static

    Slush head has been said to not have bendy arms since well before toy fair this year, so its not new news. But it hasnt been widespread commented on either. That backyard legends grayskull pit is AWESOME! Im gonna have to get my hands on one and learn how to paint!! Haha!

  5. Mario

    The original Slush Head did not have bendy tentacles.

  6. Monkey boy

    Wow, funny “joke” Mattel. Now if only the way you’ve run your company for the past dozen or so years was also an elaborate ruse…

  7. Ridureyu

    Check that, I meant the monster pit sticker.

  8. Ridureyu

    The Slushhead pic doesn’t work. Facebook permissions issues?

  9. LetMeBeFrank

    Oh Poe,
    You're gonna make the He-Ravers go nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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