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SuperMom Accessories by happyworker

  • Pixel Dan has posted his review of the Club Infinite Earths DC Universe Classics Golden Age Flash.
  • For those who might be wondering, yes, I did subscribe to CIE, but I don’t plan to review them and intend to sell all my figures (with the exception of the Bat-characters, probably). I’m either going to sell them on eBay or maybe just my own store.
  • The SyFy Channel is developing a couple of toy-related reality shows: “Collection Intervention” will assist desperate significant others in forcing their loved ones to sell off some or all of their beloved collections, while the more interesting and less personally invasive “Toy Traveler” features Shane Turgeon, “the Indiana Jones of toy collectors,” as he jets around the world seeking rare and unusual toys. Do we got anything on this Shane Turgeon guy?
  • The Four Horsemen posted some new info on their upcoming Outer Space Men release dates.
  • Don’t forget, Figure of the Day has the entire set of DC’s Arkham City Series 2 on its site for $89.99 w/ free shipping.
  • Phil Reed at Battlegrip has reviewed a pair of Play Arts Kai figures – Arkham Asylum Batman and Halo Reach Jorge. I’ve had the PAKAS Bats on my shelf waiting for a review for weeks now. I’m evidently lazy. Oh, and I’ve had the PAK Halo Master Chief even longer than that.
  • I should be able to announce the winner of the Bat-Libs contest either late today or tomorrow.
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  1. doctorkent

    Shane's a good guy, and a friend of mine. Mostly known in Gi Joe and Star Wars circles. I'd rather see his show than the Toy Hunters one.

  2. Thebloodyawfulpoet

    Dibs on Metron?

    And, speaking of matty collector clubs: is anyone else with the voltron sub regretting it as much as I am? I'm very disappointed with the quality of the figures and the lions. If I weren't already two lions in (an investment of around $100 with shipping) already, I'd drop the sub. I'm really hoping that the combined voltron will still impress.

    I am thankful that I only collect 3 3/4", 6" and 12" figures. If I branched out into that aether between 1:12 and 1:6, play arts would break me.

  3. Holy crap, look at all those acronyms.

    I plan on just getting the Bat characters myself.

    Figure of the Day has a great deal on that set, but I only want Hush, Riddler, and Mad Hatter.

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