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A few more notes from Poe:

If you look at the promotional pics of this figure, it looks like it was supposed to have ball joints at the knees and ankles too. I guess that didn’t cost out, which may be why the figure was delayed so long. It’s a shame, but given the price of your average limited edition urban vinyl toy, the price isn’t too bad (of course, you only pay $30-$40 for the likes of the Batman Robot, but there are probably a lot more of those made). The secondary market prices on this figure are already getting crazy.

In any event, I didn’t have much of a choice, as I can’t resist a new Futurama figure (I’m only missing the alternate universe figures, which I’ve come to accept I’ll probably never own).

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Where to Buy: BBTS seems to have at least one left in a damaged box at only $60; aside from that, Amazon and eBay are your only bets.


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  1. Great review!! Wish I had the money for him now.

  2. nytetrayn

    Awesome, and I agree with the sentiments about the dialogue. Perfect, all the way!

  3. Thinkor

    Excellent review Poe! I love the format and the figure 😀

  4. So good…although now I feel like Fry for thinking yay, new Shocker toys!

  5. Absolutely hilarious!

    Wait, Shocker Toys shipped something?

  6. Perfect dialogue, but the Shocker Toys line is what makes this an instant classic. Bravo sir!

  7. Loved it! And yes, I read this entire review in the characters voices.

    As a newly converted Futurama fan its tough to resist the desire to pick up Futurama figures!

  8. Mario

    I can only reiterate what everyone's already said : Great review!

  9. Fengschwing


  10. Fan-tastic! John is right: The dialogue is perfect.

    THIS is the way to do toy reviews. Really, I couldn't be more impressed.

  11. Dude, that was awesome. I could hear all their voices. Perfectly written dialogue for Futurama.

    I thought about getting into those figures, but never did. Almost bought Bender when he was reissued last year.

    And I loved the joke about Shocker Toys wave 2. Made me chortle. Great review Jason.

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