It’s picking up steam! Pixel Dan has the details.

Long story short: Stinkor’s forearms are reversed, Mattel says it’s on purpose, some fans aren’t buying it and think it’s an assembly error Mattel is covering up, and the Four Horsemen’s initial response is ambiguous.

Frankly, I think I’m going to stay out of this one. I’ve got too many reviews to write. This one just doesn’t seem as sexy as the Clusterflock, though.


Odds ‘n Ends > PD revs CIEDCUCGAF, SyFy’s Toy Realities, 4H’s OSM, FOTD has AC2


Pic of the Day > Pod Ball by Isaac Renteria


  1. carl

    obviously its a mistake and obviously they scrambled to cover it up. You’re fooling yourself thinking anything less. and for those like me who hate this, it sucks big time.

    What will be interesting is which sites comment on it and how they stand. the org and motucfigures have officially weighed in as well as pixel dan’s great new site. I am sure there will be a few who will argue this is a non issue and try to make those who think differently to stop talking… watch who will convienetly post a new figure scoop or a perfectly timed blog which salutes mattel and hates on the fans (in a lame attempt to get a job)

    I wish TG and Ruben would just do their jobs right the first time instead of being lazy and then lying to cover it up, save money, and then be the office hero.

    • Dark Angel

      Oh, that reminds me, I haven't looked at AFI in ages…

  2. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    MAttel keeps whittling away at the customers/fans' enjoyment of the line with these "little things" and eventually the customers/fans will abandon the line. I fear that the line will die, not cause the fans gave up, but cause Mattel screwed up one too many times…

    • Mario

      No, it's the fans who are whittling away the fans enjoyment of the line. Mattel's just doing what they do. You'd think that after four years, some of the fanboys would have learned this. It's about making decision folks, even though they're just frickin' toys. You either accept the bumps & bruises, or you don't. Simple as that. If you don't, stop buying the line. Again, simple as that. They're toys, & are underserving of this type of scrutiny. It's ridiculous the amount of heavy seriousness that is put into all this whining. The day they ship He-Man with Barbie's head on it, & say that it was a design choice, is the day that the crying will be justified, until then, big f'n deal.

      Thoroughly repulsing.

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      So, let me get this straight; requesting Better Quality control and products that are assembled correctly is now Whining?
      If it's NOT a big deal then why are you investing time in saying it's not a big deal?
      A little paint slop or a loose joint is a normal bump in the game. But the "multi-hit Issue combos" since Last November (QC, CS, and shipping issues) add up.
      The sum of these can drive the subscriptions down. If subs go down, the line ends. YES, the fan negativity CAN have a negative effect, but the Root of the problem is still Mattel's Quality control.

    • Mario

      It's been requested for 4 years now, &, they've done what they could along the way to attempt to "appease the beast". Even when they do, it sometimes bites them in the ass, case in point, SMAA. Is it enough? Probably not, but the whiners have what I like to call "Goldfish Memory". Therein lies my "big deal". Do you know how many toys I have that have issues? Tons. You know what though, I still love them all, & tend to look at the bigger picture. Anyways, to me, requesting better quality control, or whatever the latest gripe is, for every single little thing out there seems like whining to me. Again, fans have all the power. Don't buy them anymore.

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      That's where the problem lies. Mattel has the customer base grabbed by the balls and they KNOW it…
      Also I agree on the "Goldfish Memory" of the fanbase… Especially when distracted with the whatever Mattel dangles in front of them whenever a _____-gate arises.
      I actually LOVE New SMAA (While not 100% "200X Accurate" it's a LOT better than the previous SMAA offering)

      The BIG Issue regarding "Stinkorgate" is that after all the moaning and groaning about reversed bodyparts (or 2 of the same leg on some flying horses) Mattel reversed body parts ON Purpose!

      I can Fix Stinkor (it won't be a perfect job due to the stripe) but I shouldn't HAVE to be "fixing" these figures when they arrive. (Especially being an International fan and most CS stock is long gone before my figs arrive.)

  3. I just don't really care and to me this is a non-issue.

    As to whether or not Mattel "Lied" about this — I DON'T CARE… its like the attorney trying to convict Roger Clemens of lying to U.S. Congress about using steroids…

    • carl

      wow you are a trip. you dont care about this but feel the need to post multiple times making fun of those who do?

      are you even old enough to HAVE a credit card to buy this stuff?

      the fans who DO care have been beaten down enough, please dont make it worse.

    • Let's try to remember to be civil, people. No need to cast doubt on people's maturity. I can vouch for PrfktTear's maturity and sanity (even if he does sometimes wear a dress).

    • Monte

      "(even if he does sometimes wear a dress)"

      I thought those pics were Photoshopped.

    • Mario

      Clearly, you're a glutton for punishment. Put your money where your mouth is.

  4. clark

    I am one of those guys who is driven nuts by stuff like incorrect anatomy. This definitely is not as noticeable as switched shins or some of my DCUC figures who have two left biceps, but it's bad enough that if it weren't for the white stripe the first thing I would do is switch them back.

    If it really was intentional, then it is just a really weird thing to do. If I hired the 4H to do my sculpts I would stick with what they came up with. Nevertheless, I am still super excited about adding Stinkor to my lineup, and will try to ignore the odd bulge on the top of his forearms.

  5. Enigma_2099

    You're getting your money's worth… right?

  6. Misterbigbo

    Um, sorry, that was me. And eff you auto-correct.

  7. Misterbgobl

    Comparing this to the Sorceress wing debate, I find Stinkor much more troubling. In the former, Mattel made an engineering decision, while in the latter they made an artistic choice. Though I'm not calling Mattel "Il Braghettone" or the FHM Michelangelo, why the hell bother to hire skilled artists like those guys and then tinkle all over their designs? I really do feel badly for the fans still invested in this line.

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Matt-El tried to cover this "mistake" up by pretending it was "intentional". They've had a BAD run lately (QC, delays) and they probably panicked and tried to avoid yet another fanboy backlash.

    If, however, they did decide to swap anatomy (which I'm not buying, sorry TG) then they should be embarrassed. What a ridiculous decision… and it came seemingly out of nowhere!

    So Matt-El – as Megatron once said to Starscream – you are either stupid, or you're lying!

  9. Lovable-Bill

    Because the arms being different is really going to affect how he sits on the shelve collecting dust with everyone else.

    • carl

      yeah he sits there and looks off. My hard earned money is spent on something with a big mistake that i am being lied to about. maybe we should all just start giving Mattel a 40 dollar check every month because we’re nice people and forget about the whole “get the product we paid for” thing.

      bill if you have no problem with this i have some broken DCUC and MOTU figures i’d love to sell you at full price…

      maybe Bill you are OK with sticking your head in the sand or just taking whatever crap a company gives you
      but most rational people arent. maybe you are rich enough to just blow tons of cash on toys and not care if they show up broken, assembled wrong, or disintegrate in a few months.

      People standing up for themselves when wronged sounds pretty adult to me. Taking what they give you and the whole “stop complaining” thing sounds pretty lame and wet noodle to me.

    • Mario

      Uh, Poe, you're censoring cuss words now?

      I.E. : "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."

    • Mario

      Odd, 'cause I know I've said F**K here on many occasions in the past. Fair enough though.

    • I think it used to replace words, I recently added them to the admin list. I try to run a PG-13 site around here.

      Anyway, feel free to disagree with people, but I ask that you be civil in doing so. If you’re unable to be civil – and I understand that can happen, I’ve been there myself, we all get fed up sometimes, I screwed up myself in this regard myself just recently on another board – if you’re unable to be civil on a given topic, I ask that you simply don’t participate in those particular debates.

    • Mario

      You're absolutely right, & I have no issues with your request. At the very least, I could walk away, cool off, & come back more level headed. It usually always sounds better after that anyways.

    • I just wanted to point out what a reasonable response this was. Thank you, Mario.

      Again, I want everyone to feel free to disagree, and argue all you want, but as the great Dalton says in Road House, "be nice." And unlike the Double Deuce, here it is never time to not be nice.

    • Mario

      My pleasure Poe. Coming from a class act like yourself, though, I truly take it as a compliment. Your site has provided me with great content for many years now, so it's REAL easy for me to be reasonable. Thank YOU Poe.

  10. Dark Angel

    I loved the "We did it on purpose 'cause he's a weird animal man! RAR! GRR!" It's only slightly less insulting than just coming right out and saying we fans are so simple-minded we ought to be made to wear helmets.

  11. Jesús Santillán

    The fault lies with the collectors, as they leave on their packaging the action figures and the manufacturers neglect the details of this action figures.

  12. ridureyu

    "We want to make Stinkor unique by reversing his forearms!"

    But wouldn't that just make him like everybody else?

  13. I don't blame you for staying out of it! LOL!

    This one has so many layers to it, it's insane. It's hard to say exactly what the heck is going on here. The only thing we know for sure is that the forearms are indeed reversed. Why and how…we may never truly know.

    • Jesús Santillán

      Pixel Dan, please talk with Mattel about its numerous defects with their the figures of "Collection"
      Greetings from a fan.

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