The Avengers Starring Marvel Legends


This redo of the Avengers├é┬átrailer starring Marvel Legends figures is making the rounds today, so I thought I’d share it here.

The figure choices are obviously a bit dated – as if the filmmaker or one of his friends had picked up some of the really early Marvel Legends, stopped collecting, then dusted them off when they got the idea for this project. (Damn, that Schwarzeneggerian Thor looks laughable now, doesn’t he?) Assuming the idea was to use comic-based figures and not the actual 6″ movie figures, I would have used:

They had the right Loki, though, and as far as I know there’s not a better Bruce Banner out there. And the recent Extremis Iron Man shows up near the end of the trailer. Using Fin Fang Foom at the end was cute.

To be clear, I’m not dissing the video – it’s still an amazing piece of work – I just kept thinking about how old those figures looked. If you’re going to put that much effort into the production, why not spend a couple hundred bucks on better figures? I don’t know though, maybe the figures I listed are really expensive these days on the aftermarket.

Thanks to Topless Robot for the heads-up.


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  1. This is the best review of my work. I wanted to thank you for posting the trailer. To be honest with you guys I was a bit under the gun with this project. It ended up taking three of us, four full weeks of shooting and editing. I did start with the older toy biz legends because I had most of them already. I did end up buying the Steve Rogers, "Bucky" Cap and the Black Widow at a local flea market. Bruce Banner was the tuff call, like you said they just don't make a good one. Since I didn't have a Tony Stark figure we just swap those shoots out with ironman figures, as you can see the classic ironman when he looks at cap. We did use both Thors. I would have loved to use that Twin-Pack Black Widow she's nice. At the end of the day there was a lot going on. I mean let's face this day in age we've got options, shit when I was growing up the only marvel figures out there were megos and secret wars. If you guys get a chance check out Thanks, Pitchfilms

    • Dark Angel

      Don't mind us, we are just have to overanalyze everything! Your work is amazing, thanks for doing it!

    • It's a fantastic video, as I said – I'm just a toy geek and couldn't help re-casting it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dark Angel

    Poe, if you watch very carefully, they used several different versions of each character, including the Giant Man series Thor you mentioned and Hasbro's most recent 6" Cap (that is technically Bucky) at the end. Which befuddles me further than had they actaully just stuck with the older Legends entirely…

    …but the overall film is AWESOME, I wanna be clear on that!

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