Avengers: Hulk vs. Hulk

So, like most of you I saw The Avengers this weekend. It was a very entertaining film, and a lesson for Michael Bay on how to make a blockbuster movie that’s fun and not a three-hour cinematic waterboarding.

Anyway, I came away loving the film’s take on the Hulk, which made me wonder which action figure to get. Since I don’t collect the 3.75″  or 12″ scales, I have two options: the Marvel Select Hulk, and the upcoming Walmart-exclusive 6″ Hasbro Hulk.

Marvel Select HulkHasbro Hulk

They both have their merits. The Marvel Select figure is larger, has more detail, and will doubtless be easier to obtain. On the other hand, the Hasbro Hulk (which is in 6″ scale, so I believe it stands around 7″-8″) is more articulated and cheaper – if I can find it.

How popular is the Marvel Select stuff among you Marvel collectors? Articulation-wise they’ve been moving closer and closer to Hasbro, but they still put greater emphasis on the sculpting.

Which Hulk will you get?


Pic of the Day > 90s DorMei Knock-off Godzilla Gojira figures ! by splittyhead


Figure It Out #14


  1. Joe_Perone

    Even though the articulation in the Select version is less, the quality of the sculpt alone makes it just that much more worth it to buy it. It is my favourite Select, followed closely by Thanos, then Juggernaut. Select is improving their articulation, and it is more worth it to buy the MS version rather than the Hasbro. Also, if you're going for movie likeness, this picture does not do the MS one justice. It looks more like this: http://youbentmywookie.com/wookie/gallery/0312_co

    Tl;dr, Marvel Select >>>> Marvel Legends (Hasbro) IMHO

  2. since Walmart figures are hard to come by, I settled for this…

    Those Mighty Battlers aren't that bad if you think about it

  3. I'll be getting both though. The MS Hulk is out now, and since I'm impatient that means I'll get it first. And then the Hasbro one, and decide which I like better for my display.


    I usually get the MS figures for larger guys like Thanos & Juggernaut.

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