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I previously reviewed the 6″ Thundercats Classic Lion-O figure, and today I’m here to continue in that fashion and review the 6″ Classic Mumm-Ra.

Bandai’s Thundercats toy lines seem to be very hit or miss with the fans, due to several design elements the fans take issue with (and rightfully so), but the general consensus seems to be that the Classic figures are a good attempt at collector-oriented figures.

There have been rumors floating around recently of the new Thundercats cartoon ending and if so, it’s likely that the toy lines would end as well. I, and many fans, certainly hope that isn’t the case, because it would be nice to at least have the main characters in action figure form.

Keep reading to find out if Mumm-Ra is a worthy addition to your Thundercats collection.

Packaging: I already mentioned my thoughts on the Thundercats Classic packaging in my Lion-O review, but I’ll sum them up here. I like it a lot. The box art, the logo placement is very eye-catching, and the box itself is entirely collector friendly, so you can play with the figure all you want and put it back in the box when you’re done if you feel like it.

Design & Sculpt: Mumm-Ra’s sculpt is very evocative of his classic look in the original cartoon series. There’s plenty of muscle detail, and you can even see his ribs.

He also seems appropriately sized when compared to Lion-O. A consistent scale is always good.

My only real complaint about the design of the figure is the same one with Lion-O. He has visible screws holding him together. You can see them from the back. Not very acceptable on a supposed collector-oriented toy line, but it should make the customizers happy since it makes it incredibly easy to take him apart.

Plastic & Paint: Almost all of Mumm-Ra is cast in the appropriate colors, so there’s only minor paint detailing, but the paint there is on the figure is really clean. No slop or messy edges. The insignia on his chest is perfect. I do wish there was more detailing though. He’s supposed to be a mummy that’s thousands of years old. He shouldn’t look so clean. Not only that, but the furry parts at the bottom of his greaves shouldn’t be gold. They’re supposed to be…well, fur. They should be painted as such.

Articulation: Mumm-Ra has a ball jointed neck (which only really works as a cut joint), ball jointed shoulders, bicep swivels, single elbows, ball jointed wrists, a ball jointed torso (the entire torso is on a ball jointed which allows for back and forth rocking, as well as side-to-side swivel), ball jointed hips, thigh swivels, single knees, shin swivels at the top of the greaves, and back and forth ankle joints as well as ankle rockers. You can get some really good poses out of him, though the entire torso is a disappointment. First of all, he’s missing an ab crunch. That’s a pretty standard joint to give an action figure these days, and Mumm-Ra could benefit from it.

Also, what sort of “ab crunch” he does have from the ball jointed torso only really works for arching his back. He has a good range for that, but he doesn’t really go forward at all. You can either arch his back, or have him stand straight up. No slouching for Mumm-Ra.

Accessories: Mumm-Ra comes with an alternate pair of hands, meant for holding objects that he didn’t even come with, and some pre-posed bandages that you plug into his back.

The hands are a cool addition, but I’m not sure what you would make him hold, unless you pretended that he finally took the Sword of Omens from Lion-O. The bandages are very cool, and look fantastic for some dramatic poses, though I can’t help but wonder if wire bendy bandages would have been better.

A Ma-Mutt accessory would have been very nice as well.

Quality Control: The spikes on his wrist gauntlets were both warped rather noticeably. I’ve got a few of this figure, and have checked several others in stores and they’re all the same. I don’t know if they’re meant to look like this or not, but I’m going to assume they’re not.

Overall: Mumm-Ra’s an ok figure. To be honest, I was hoping he’d turn out better. The lack of paint detail and the lack of torso articulation really hurt the figure. If you’re a Thundercats fan, and you already have Lion-O then you’ll want Mumm-Ra to go with the collection, but on its own merits the figure seems lacking. As amazing as it is to have these Classic figures, and as great as it is to see Mumm-Ra in action figure form again, I do think he deserved better.

Bandai America isn’t used to making collector-oriented toy lines, but it’s a decent attempt. It’s certainly a fun figure, especially if you’re already a Thundercats fan, but overall this figure could have been better.

[raven 2.5]

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  1. 3B_

    I like the 6" Lion-O, but with this line seemingly dead I ended up returning the mediocre Mumm-Ra.

    FYI – You have the wrong link for Mint Conditon. It should be without the "s" at the end. The current link takes you to some auto detailing site.

  2. Mark

    I have tried to over look Bandai's faults and champion their Thundercats line but I cannot do it anymore. This figure could have been so much better. My biggest issue is the head sculpt. It does not look like Mumm-Ra from the cartoon, comic or original toyline…..its vaguely similar, but it has no character or distict features that make me say its Mumm-Ra.

  3. toyman

    No cape, no weapons, no deal. That, coupled with the scale change.

  4. I had the two six inch figures but I ended up returning them unopened because, well, they were unopened, I had the reciept, and I needed the money more. Part of me wants to pick them up again before they disappear off the shelves (if they haven't already) but being that the future of this line is in question I'm rethinking it because I already have the 8in Lion 0 and Tygra…

  5. scott k ross

    This , IMO, is crap.

    Look at ICON heroes MUMM-RA, then this. I con Heroes Staction is BEAUTIFUL, well sculpted, and looks like he stepped outta the 80's cartoon. as opposed to this..which looks like the current cartoons attempt at the Classic.

  6. André

    If this figures were announced 7 or 8 years ago, when I was a Marvel Legends Collector, probably I would get these thundercats, but today I like Neca Figures, Dc Direct figures, Marvel Select Figures and of course, the Masters of the Universe Classics figures.
    I can´t imagine these Thundercats in middle of my figures!!!

    Thundercats deserved a better figures!!

  7. Bandai's US-released stuff rarely impresses me.

  8. Dead Man Walking

    This is mid-90's Toy Biz sculpting and plastic, with decent articulation. Crap IMHO.

  9. Mecha-Shiva

    I wish they didnt cheap out on the figure and gave him his sword and dagger,the hexagonal hole in his back looks like it was meant to peg a cape and the cape clasps on the indentations on his wrist spikes.I'd rather spend money on Mezco's Mumm-Ra,that thing is a beast.

  10. Monte

    He's a pinhead, and these sculpts and paint apps are the stuff of fifteen years ago. Unacceptable for the price they're charging.

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