Happy Stinkor Day!

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It’s Stinkor Day! Whether you think the reversed forearms were a deliberate action by Mattel or an accident they tried to cover up…you’re getting one if you’re a subscriber.

It’s also Slush Head Day (congrats Mike Bock!), Mighty Spector Day, and Snake Mountain Stands Day. For you DC Universe Classics fans, it’s also Golden Age Flash Day.


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Pic of the Day > Thunder Punch_1 by Kwehttamm


  1. carl

    nice manipulation on TMS there, toyguru. Matty doesnt fool anyone with the Sold Out crap.

  2. Magneto76

    I decided to get the snake mountain stands and use them as Fright zone stands for my Horde members….that way i didn't have to purchase as many. When they make them purple i'll buy snake mountain stands.

  3. AmericanHyena

    How is Spector selling out quicker than Slushhead?

    • Dark Angel

      Inventory manipulation. Again. Kinda like how that Robot Chicken set "Sold Out" at least a couple of times, but still managed to show up in every MOTUC "Mystery Pack" and at least a couple of clearance sales, or how Adora "Sold Out" on the Black Friday 2011 sale, and yet is available for purchase today.

  4. Billy Brown

    I was going to get Golden Age Flash but I just couldn't justify paying 9 dollars for shipping on an 18 dollar toy when I just bought something for slightly more elsewhere and got free shipping.

  5. …Dad, is that you?

  6. Can't wait for Mighty Spector.


    • At this point, I'm actually curious to hold him in my hands and see what he's like.

      Of course, it's sale day and I haven't received my shipping notice yet. Whatever happened to shipping two days before the sale date?

    • Dark Angel

      Don’t forget, Spector is running late: http://www.he-man.org/news_article.php?id=2548

    • rookjones


    • Russ

      Hi Poe – I'm new to the whole subscription thing (DCIE), and am surprised/nervous that I haven't seen anything pop up in my email regarding Flash. There's nothing about a charge to my credit card for the figure on the DR order history page either. Just how anxious should I be about the lack of communication?

    • Hi Russ – as I understand it, Spector and the DC figures were delayed 5-7 days. So you should see a shipping notice within a week.

    • Russ

      I appreciate the response, thank you much!

  7. Well, it seems to have been a fairly orderly Mattycollector day, given by the lack of comments here 🙂

    I'm a bit surprised by Stinkor's rapid sellout. I guess the reversed-forearms thing wasn't as big a deal as some were making it.

    • Dark Angel

      I am shocked that M-A-A is hanging around, considering how sought-after he has been…I suppose a lot of people might have gotten him on Cyber Monday 2011, but he was only available for 10 minutes that day, if even that…

      …that’s not to say Matty hasn’t been sitting on a couple of hundred cases of him all this time, of course…

    • spaceaudiobooks

      I think most people who complained loudly about the forearms are not in the end going to deny themselves a Stinkor figure.

    • Dark Angel

      I am only buying him because I bought a sub – I agreed to buy him last year, ignorant of the ensuing shenanigans. I am going to keep him and not return him as faulty because I have the materials and skills to correct him – notwithstanding that fact that neither I nor anyone should have to fix him. Were I not subscribed, I doubt I could be bothered. I only bought a Roboto (months after his release on the secondary market) because I really like the character, and would never have wasted so much as a dime on the horrible King Hiss were I not subscribed to purchase him – shoulders aside, the entire execution of that figure was execrable IMO.

    • stack32

      Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but I skipped Stinkor today because of the forearm issue. I managed to find a miss assembled (and hence correct) Roboto on Ebay before, maybe I'll get lucky and find the same for Stinkor.

  8. Braystreet

    Boo! I hate Mattel… Why couldn't they make Stinkor with Mekaneck's armor like I grew up with? Just because it never apparently existed beyond my household… It's selfish, it's disrespectful to the fans, and it's righteous indignation time.

    • clark

      If I remember correctly, when they first revealed the Stinkor prototype everyone here was all excited, and then Braystreet made the comment that he wishes they had left the armor red like the original figure.
      That had several people scratching their heads. Apparently it turned out that lil' Braystreet grew up playing with a Stinkor who was wearing Mekaneck's red armor, and didn't know until a few months ago that it was supposed to be orange all along.

    • Braystreet

      Correctamundo, good man!


  9. AmericanHyena

    Sub is taking care of stinkor and slush head. I forgot to count how many stands I need though :-/

  10. muldertp

    Forgot about the sale until 9:45. Finally got MAA (one of the last MOTUC I really wanted) and was going to get Flash but he sold out as I put him in my cart. Oh well…I’m not heartbroken. Less of a burden on my wallet.

  11. Dark Angel

    I ordered nothing.

    I forgot it was even the 15th.

    Yes, I have the subs, but all I am set to get are two characters I give no shit about and a broken Stinkor.

    And I don’t care.

    It’s…refreshing. Very freeing.

    I am not foreseeing buying a sub for next year at this point, too much drama…

    • Mattel may have a lot of problems, but they're savvy…I'm expecting some seriously appealing figures for 2013. Would not surprise me at all to see Ram Man as the incentive figure, and I'm willing to bet one or two of the first three figures are Filmation-based.

    • Dark Angel

      There is only one figure that could make me falter at this point – neither Rammy nor Meck – (barring the introduction of Millenium-specific variants). She’s Filmation, and she is rumoured to be on the short list, but I won’t name her for fear of jinxing myself…

    • spaceaudiobooks

      If Ram-Man is the incentive figure, I don't think I can support this line any longer. I am not getting a sub. I don't want every character.

    • Thebloodyawfulpoet

      I want ram-man, but he's not enough to get me to subscribe next year. If he's the exclusive, I'll be fine just paying the eBay mark-up for him. I do agree that he's probably going to be matty's subscription hook, though. That'd be the move I would make.

  12. clark

    Got my Stinkor and Slush Head in about 5 minutes. I was in a meeting using my work laptop. People started asking me questions just when it went live and I added them to my cart. So when I got the wsod that gave me time to minimize it and pull up some statistics and answer the questions. Nobody had a clue, I think Skeletor would be happy.

  13. Very strange…Stinkor is not on the All-In-One page. Hmmmm.

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