Pics of MasterEnglish’s MOTUC Batman Custom

I realized I never really gave you all some good pics of the custom MOTUC-style Dark Knight Returns Batman customizer MasterEnglish made for me.

As you can see, I also created a bio for him.


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  1. He-Dan

    This just proves that a Batman (and even a Superman) in MOTUC style not only work but are totally awesome!! Such a shame that the DC/ Masters 2-packs weren't like this from day one.

  2. Steve

    "There's nothing wrong with you Skeletor, that I can't fix… with my hands."

  3. ferris

    Man, so much cooler than the official DKR figure…

  4. Zach

    Great looking figure!

  5. Thommy/Uki

    Super-awesome! I love the bio too!!!

  6. Harrig

    I know what to do with my Mighty Spector now.

  7. Dead Man Walking

    How much you wanna bet that Batman has already devised a plan on how to take out He-Man…in case he ever has to…

  8. Barbecue17

    Real name: Produced through a series of low gutteral grunts.

    This is an excellent custom. The DKR styled Batman looks perfect on the chunky MOTUC body. I like that Adam "was forced to reveal his secret identity." I imagine this involved Batman dangling Adam over the side of Castle Grayskull by his ankles.

  9. Russ

    That is absolutely amazing. Very cool!

  10. Monte

    Man, what a sweet custom.

    But your file card bio isn't nearly convoluted enough to fit in with MOTUC canon.

    Seriously, though, I dig it. It's short and sweet, and I kinda wanna see or read that crossover now.

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