Tamashii Nations Unveils “Comic-Con Explosion Godzilla” S.H.MonsterArts Exclusive

Tamashii Nations has released information and pics about their S.H.MonsterArts exclusive, “Comic-Con Explosion Godzilla”!

Tamashii Nations’s Facebook page will also have a S.H. Monster Arts survey, starting today and running for one week, to help determine future releases and the direction to take the Monster Arts line.  There will be some Western monsters on the list including more obscure choices like Pokemon.

Box art by Yasushi Torisawa

TN will post more information concerning this year’s SDCC plans, including a number of un-announced prototypes for the various Tamashii Nations lines, on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

More info on the exclusive after the jump!

Basic Info

Product Name: S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla™ (Comic-Con® Explosion)

San Diego Comic-Con Price: $55 USD

Figure Height: 6”

Total length (head to tail): 15”

Articulation: 29 points

Materials: PVC, POM, ABS

For ages 15 yrs and older

Product Announcement

Get ready to celebrate destruction this July 2012! Bandai Japan’s Collectors label, Tamashii Nations, is proud to announce a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive that will blow the roof off with S.H.MonsterArts Godzillaâ„¢ (Comic-Con® Explosion)! Featuring a unique fiery explosion color scheme and twenty-nine points of articulation, this high-end collectable action figure has been professionally crafted by the renowned monster maker Yuji Sakai to meticulously replicate Godzilla’s form as seen in the 1994 Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla (commonly referred to as “MogeGoji”). Illustrated by prominent Japanese artist and character designer, Yasushi Torisawa, exclusive package art commemorates San Diego Comic-Con International 2012, and appropriately depicts the beloved San Diego Convention Center being attacked by Godzilla. Run to the Bluefin booth while supplies still last…and then run for your life!

Artists Profiles

Yuji Sakai


Born in 1958, Yuji Sakai represents Japan’s top sculpting talent and has come to be known as the world’s foremost Godzilla sculptor. Working as the lead prop designer for the 1999 film, Godzilla 2000: Millennium, Yuji Sakai has since released numerous Godzilla kit’s via his namesake sculptor’s workshop and has received praise from around the globe for his remarkable craftsmanship.

Yasushi Torisawa


Born in 1962, Yasushi Torisawa is a prominent Japanese illustrator and character designer. His “kaiju” monster design debut began via a collaboration with Godzilla art director Tetsuzo Osawa for the movie Mothra 3. Following this project Yasushi Torisawa has established himself as a renowned character, costume, and visual content designer for Godzilla and other popular Japan “tokusatsu” (live-action) series. He also contributes frequently to “tokusatsu” magazines with original “kaiju” illustrations.

For more information on S.H.MonsterArts


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Copyright © 1994 Toho Pictures, Inc.
GODZILLA and the character design are trademarks of Toho Co., Ltd.
© 1994, 2012 Toho Co., Ltd.



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  1. Wes

    It looks like the thigh joints have a little more movement in this one, or maybe they just got creative with the angle of the photos. I'd be pretty irritated after shelling out 60+ for the first release if they retooled the legs. That's my biggest problem with mine. In fact, after playing with it, there's no way I can reproduce that pose with my figure.

    • I think he had more poseability than people give him credit for. He just takes a little tinkering.


    • Wes

      Okay, that's pretty close. Still hoping that if/when they get to the Toho monsters they have the articulation figured out a little better. I spent most of my childhood dreaming of toys like these, and they're so close to being perfect…

    • Spacegodzilla's range of motion is improved for sure (though some of his joints are a bit more exposed in some poses because of it), so I'm sure the next time they redo a Godzilla he will benefit.

  2. I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping it was going to be Burning Godzilla instead of this explosiony super orange version. I really like that box art, though, and I'll probably still get it since it's a Godzilla exclusive.

    • I agree Burning Godzilla would have been great, but on the other hand it would have upset a lot of collectors if a popular figure like that was a hard-to-get exclusive.

      I'm going to try to get my hands on one of these. The box art is lovely.

    • Jack Static

      Wast this godzilla from godzilla vs destroyah? I dont remember this form space godzilla but i could be wrong. Also… If i do decide to want this (in on the fence) idk how id even get one anyway so…. Problem solved i gess?

    • Well, a similar figure to this has been referred to as "Meltdown Godzilla," meaning it represents Godzilla as he dies in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. But really it's just a translucent exclusive, I think 🙂

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