Pic of the Day > Dragons Lair 3D Action Figures Whole Set by splittyhead

Dragons Lair 3D Action Figures Whole Set


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  1. I like these types of Games.

  2. very good design

  3. Eddie Stevens

    I love the background

  4. Megaduce Flare

    Does anyone know where the base came from?

    • Splitty

      Oh I'm sorry, I didn't check back here!
      That base is a foam base for a Halloween minature display, "Spooky Town" by Lemax 2007. It's pretty neat.

  5. Ridureyu

    Never won the game.

  6. Braystreet

    I remember OAFE.net reviewing these way back when. I'd never heard of Dragon's Lair before, and I remember thinking that it sounded interesting, but that was before I'd gotten into the habit of reading the Wikipedia page on every single thing I didn't know down to the last detail.

    A few months (years?) later, I saw a reference to Dragon's Lair on "Family Guy" and I thought to myself that I'd broken popular culture, it just weren't meant to be learned in that fashion.


    never knew these existed. I kinda dig them

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