BBTS has MOTUC 2013 Pre-orders, Ted plush, Enterbay Dark Knight, & Lou Ferrigno Hulk

So, BigBadToyStore has put up their 2013 MOTUC pre-orders. Some of them, like Jitsu, are already sold out, and that’s a good sign. The more pre-orders they sell, the more subscriptions BBTS may buy before the August 6 deadline and the more likely the subscription is to hit its target. If BBTS can, say, sell enough Ram Men at a higher cost, it can offset the extra Netossas and possibly Fighting Foe Men they’ll be sitting on (though I think the FFM will prove to be more popular than people expect).

So if you’re a cherry-picker and you want any of these characters – or a subscriber who doesn’t want two subs, but might want, say, two Fang Men – I recommend pre-ordering them ASAP.

  • Netossa
  • Fang Man
  • Ram Man (He actually hasn’t been offered for pre-order yet; that “Sold out” is just a placeholder. Also, that price could go up, and probably will. But keep an eye on this link for when they do offer the pre-order.)

BBTS also sent along a few other updates:

  • I didn’t see Ted, but I’ve heard it was pretty funny. There’s a 16″ plush talking Ted up for pre-order, so if you’ve always wanted your kid’s Build-A-Bear to sound like Brian from Family Guy, today is your day.
  • If you’ve ever looked around your house and thought to yourself, “You know, this place is pretty great, but what it really needs is a 1½-foot, incredibly realistically sculpted Dark Knight Batman with an alternate Christian Bale head,” then man, does BBTS have some good news for you! The nice thing is you can berate your miniature Bale whenever it wanders into your shot.
  • There’s a distinct dearth of Lou Ferrigno Hulk merchandise (Hot Toys, I’m looking at you) but now, fans of Bill Bixby’s rather obvious stunt double can order this 22″ maquette of the jolly green giant. It comes in two flavors – one signed by Mr. Ferrigno himself, the other with a “Gamma Glow” with a brighter, more show-accurate color scheme. If you want them, order them ASAP; after the initial pre-order period the price goes up $75.


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  1. I want to know when they're going to list the rest of the MOTU Classics figures for late 2012 and early 2013 for pre-order. It's a rather random assortment they've put up.

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