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Poester JW sends in a request for information regarding some odd toys he found in his shed…but I’ll let him explain it.

So I’ve been cleaning out my shed and closet and getting rid of a bunch of old toys and convention swag and one of the things I came across were the two little figures you see in the attached photo.

Now I know WHAT they are. They’re promo figures that were given away by the Sci-Fi Channel (back when it still WAS the Sci-Fi Channel) at San Diego Comic-Con. I don’t remember how long ago it was (I have a terrible concept of time) but I’m assuming they are at least four or five years old. All I remember is having to stick my arm into a dark hole and being handed a mystery box (I did it twice–hence the two different figures). The figures are packed in basic white boxes (the ping-pong player is wrapped in bubble wrap; the Dragon Chihuahua is surprisingly packed in styrofoam). The ping-pong player is approximately 3″ tall.  The boxes are plain white, save for the Sci-Fi Channel logo printed in black on them.

They’re based on the old “Imagine Greater” bumpers that the channel used to run during its commercial breaks:

Here’s what I DON’T know, and what I’m hoping you and your readers can help me with:

  1. How many different figures there were
  2. What those other figures were if any, and
  3. If they ever released them anywhere else or at any other time.

I’ve already made a couple cursory Google Web & Image and eBay searches to no immediate results (searching under “Sci-Fi channel figurines” and “Sci-Fi channel figures”).

So, I turn my mystery over to you. Can you or your readers help enlighten me further as to this scientific toy curiosity?


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  1. Splitty

    They were from 2004 (the 2nd year I went to the SDCC!), and I've only ever seen those two myself, and I kept my eyes open hoping for more mascot weirdness, but never saw any *sigh*. I believe they were only released at the con that year, I've never seen evidence otherwise. Needless to say I was super happy I got the cute dragon chihuahua instead of the sporty dude. [:P

  2. Wow, I actually remember the commercials those two characters were featured in. I used to watch nothing by Sci-Fi all day…what happened to that channel? It used to have the greatest stuff. Cool original shows, and reruns of old forgotten shows that were always great to watch. And horribly cheesy and awesome original movies.

  3. AmericanHyena

    LoL I probably should have included my web handle in the email. JW = me. 🙂

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