Mattel: Cherry Pickers Need Not Apply (& Could Ruin It for Everyone)

Scott Neitlich posted a lengthy update on the various Mattycollector subscriptions on the Mattycollector Facebook page.

The whole thing is pretty long, but the main takeaways are:

  • They had to raise the price because it was simply untenable to maintain the 2008 pricing in 2013.
  • There will be very little to almost no day-of-sale stock for many figures.
  • The early-access ordering for subscribers does not apply to other subscriptions you have not subscribed to (i.e., Watchmen subscribers can’t nab a Ram Man before the regular sale).
  • They’re working on improving the customer service.

But probably the most important part is this:

Some figures will still have EXTREMELY limited “day-of” stock (meaning our regular sales to the general public on the 15th of each month), but many figures for all the clubs will have none at all. This means the ONLY way to know for sure you’ll be able to complete your collection for all lines now is to subscribe for the full year.

Why do we need to do this? Basically, it is economics. High-end, fully detailed, highly articulated figures take a lot or resources to produce. In the “new economy” we are faced with many production challenges and the solution available to us (for the most part) is to only produce high end collector figures if we have locked in guaranteed sales (that is the whole point of the sub). In 2013, we are really in a position where we can no longer put out collector figures day-of and just hope that fans will buy them.

So what does this mean? Honestly, buy a sub. Seriously. If you are a fan of MOTUC, DCU 6” or WATCHMEN, it is decision time. Quantities of day-of stock will be (and I mean this in the nicest way) ridiculously low or non-existent. Many figures for all lines will not be offered day-of at all. […]

So if you are on the fence as to whether or not to get a sub, remember, day-of may not be an option anymore. DAY-OF STOCK WILL BE EXTREMELY LIMITED and MANY FIGURES WILL NOT HAVE ANY DAY OF STOCK IN 2013. It may not work for everyone, but in today’s economy, without guaranteed presales, we just can’t move forward anymore with high end collector figs.

Got it? Everyone on the same page? All right then.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Mattycollector without this:

PS: While we are only metering DCU’s sub, all of the subs are technically on the chopping block now (including MOTUC). If we don’t receive the minimum number of orders, any figures already tooled may be released quarterly but the full year can potentially be canceled (much as we unfortunately had to do for Ghostbusters in 2012). So again, if these are toy lines you love, the best way to support them and guarantee your figures (and that the lines actually go forward) is to subscribe. Without the minimum number of subscribers, none of our lines will be able to move forward. If you are on the fence and we have a toy line you love, subscribe to see it continue! Your sub purchase is your vote for more toys. Simple as that.

Translation: Club Infinite Earths is done for. I suspect Club Black Freighter will go through no matter what (unless the numbers are really bad) simply for the marketing synergy with Before Watchmen, but I have serious doubts about CIE.

I’d be curious to know how the final MOTUC numbers turn out for 2013, and whether they’re higher or lower than last year. Fans seem to like this year’s reveals more than last year’s (i.e., no Star Sisters).

For anyone who’s curious, I haven’t subscribed to MOTUC yet (definitely not subscribing to CIE). Still thinking it over.


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  1. Sigh! Good thing I'm not so conservative in scale compatibilities. I can finally say goodbye to collecting DC characters outside of Superman. The mixed DCUC and DC Direct collections in my cabinet will have to do. I'm glad I made the right decision not to wait for matty to complete the DC characters and grabbed the chance of getting the DC Direct versions to complete my DC roster. 🙂

  2. fishandcross

    Man, you all have said EXACTLY what I feel!! How have I, the cherry-picker, destroyed this line??? AGAIN, each figure sells out. I'm paying more than the subscriber. What gives??? On a completely different topic, thank you DC DIRECT for giving me choices each month as well as (fingers crossed) a possibly GREAT 3 3/4" potential line!!!! Great points to the unique low-production figures found at TRU, etc. I love the MOTUC line, but I CANNOT AFFORD $505 [+ s&h]. –sigh– Mattel reuses the most parts I've ever seen (and I'm perfectly fine with that from a cost-mgmt standpoint–I get it), so how are things so expensive???? Uhm, Marvel Select manages to pack in a monster figure base [Juggernaut, Abomination, Hulk, Rhino, etc.] for only $20!!!!! You al rock; thanks for letting me vent!

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