Mattycollector Panel News & Discussion Post (Updated w/ MOTUC)

Watch the Mattycollector panel live.

Yeah, I know I always use this pic, but I just love it so goddamned much. Sudden thought: would people be interested in a T-shirt with this image? Or maybe this one?

Anyway, the Mattycollector Fan Panel is due to start at 12pm Pt (3pm ET). I’m not sure I’ll quite be able to live-blog the event, but I’m sure Twitter will have live updates, so just keep an eye on my Toy Geeks Twitter List and you’ll get all the info as it happens.

The DC Panel will start two hours later (6pm ET), so I’ll cover that here as well.

Lots of pics of everything at ToyArk.

I’ve only got a few minutes right now, so I’m just going to post the highlights for Masters of the Universe Classics:

October 2012: Rattlor, Great Rebellion Stickers, Cy-Chop (30th Anniversary Figure by Terry Higuchi), Great Unrest Weapons Pack

November 2012: Dekker, Eternos Palace King Randor

December 2012: Castle Grayskullman (Fan Create-a-Character Winner, 30th Anniv.), Mosquitor, Procrustus Large Figure, Granamyr

January 2013: Netossa, Ram Man

February 2013: Jitsu

March 2013: Fang Man, King He-Man (Sub incentive w/ DC comic “The Secret Origin of Skeletor”),

Second Quarter 2013: Fighting Foe Men (Vintage Box Art Characters)

Fan Choice Options: Minicomic Trap Jaw, Cloak and Dagger Evil Lyn, Crash-Landing Marlena Glenn, Illumina, Songster, Geldor, Camo Kobra Khan, Mask of Power Demon

Traveling Con Exclusive: Strobo


Winning MOTUC Fan Figure Leaked?


More SDCC Highlights

1 Comment

  1. Zupahman

    I got my Sub and Voted for Ilumina..
    Overall, gr8 reveals, and they’ve got me for 1 more year.

    I love King He-Man and Rammy is a must. Glad to see Jitsu.
    Procrustus loos fabulous !!
    Mosquitor n the weapons pack are very welcome..

    The only one’s i was meh about are Netossa n the Foe men, who i had no exposure to before, maybe after i read their stories / bios.

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