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As we wait for the Mattycollector panel to start, I thought I’d post a few more thoughts on the various SDCC reveals.

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Keldor looks much better with the twin swords. I never realized how integral they are to his character design – they’re what make him distinct from just being “Skeletor with a face.”

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This display, recreating the Horde poster, is flat-out amazing. I wish it could be in my home. And I was surprised to see we’re only missing Modulok, Mantenna, Two-Bad and Jitsu from this poster.

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I’m starting to think Mattel created Battleground Teela solely for the booth babe potential.

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Diamond Select appears to be going all-out on the Thundercats Minimates. T-Cats and/or Minimates fans, are you excited? I suppose these might play well with their Battle Beasts…

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And here’s Terra Firma, the first brand-new and first female figure in the Outer Space Men line. Designed by OSM creator Mel Birnkrant himself, she’s certainly…well, as DMG put it, “she’s an oddly fertile-looking astronaut.” But hey, I suppose they’re just continuing a 40,000-year-old tradition.

And finally…Granamyr. Pixel Dan got a good look at the figure, and unfortunately, “the legs are fully poseable, but because of the weight he will not be able to stand upright. The figure is not rotocast like originally thought.”

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That, my friends, is a huge bummer to me. Because while I realize Granamyr does spend 90% of his time in the cartoon sitting on his ass, I wasn’t expecting the figure to have to do that.

And I never thought the Four Horsemen would be quite so faithful to the cartoon design when sculpting his MOTUC figure. I suppose it’s possible such faithfulness was stipulated by Classic Media, but I had hoped the 4H would “Classics-ize” the sculpt a bit more, make him a bit less cartoonish – something like this perhaps. As sculpted, the figure seems as incongruously cartoonish next to MOTUC as Tytus was incongruously realistic.


Mattycollector Panel News & Discussion Post (Updated w/ MOTUC)


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  1. dayraven

    i do so loves me procustus… that is one character i thought would be too obscure to get to, or at least, too obscure this (relatively) early in the line.

    as for grannie… i'm cool w/ him doing the squat, it's how he was pictured, and i will say, dark angel's idea of making him static from the chest joint down seems smart, but i intend to rig a support under him to start him up when i want to, and inevitably the boys will play w/ him, so i totally understand why he's articulated. not everyone buying these treats them as nerd hummels.

    i would like to add to the collective "really?" on the naming of cy-chop and castle grayskullman… both figures have their appeal, visually, but even in a line w/ guys like "fisto" and "ram man" those names need some work. cy-chop sounds like something i would buy from vince offer for 19.95 and if i called now, because he can't do this all day, i'd get a second one, with a graty, for the same price… castle grayskullman sounds like a librarian from a knockoff studio ghibli flik.

    • Dark Angel

      …or possibly a Troma character. But I don't care, I love the cheesy names as much as I love the figures themselves.

      I have to admit I really do treat my figures like "Nerd Hummels" (open 'em, pose 'em, put 'em on the shelf…begin dusting every 2-4 weeks for the rest of my life), but only because so many of them develop loose joints, warping or even fall apart with too much handling (Hello, Green Goddess!). I LOVE articulation, but when I am being told it is useless and therefore adds no value to a steep price tag…? Yeah, thanks but…no. And while I salute your willingness to devise a way to make it work, you are going to be paying $80 this toy – you should not have to fix it!

  2. Dark Angel

    …yeah, if Granny can't stand, why are we paying for thos useless joints? Make that SOB solid from the chest down and knock $40 off that ridiculous price tag!

    • JAWart

      I'd certainly have to agree with that ! Asking people to pay $80 for a posable figure that you can't pose is ludicrous! I do think he looks really awesome, but he'll probably end up being a pass for me. I'm already miffed about having to purchase Protocrapus due to my sub, never mind another $80 on top of that… I guess I thought that Granamyr was going to be one of the large scale figures in the sub, not a separate entity. Very bummed about that.

  3. Fallen Eldor

    Your upset that it looks exactly like Granamyr instead of someone's fan art of Granamyr?!?!
    Normally I agree with what you say, or at the very least understand your PoV and respect it….but on this, you are insane bro! insane! 😀 he is perfect stop saying otherwise! :p

    • But…he's an elderly dragon with a goofy horned helmet sitting on his ass like a retiree with a bad hip! 😛

      I didn't want him to look like the fan art per se, I just expected the 4H to do a bit more interpreting and Classics-izing from the Filmation design. But he looks nearly identical to the cartoon version, which is, by definition, cartoonish.

      But I'm glad lots of fans seem to love him – it means he will sell well. At $80, though, I may have to pass.

    • THE_PR0F3550R

      But he's perfect. He's an old wise dragon. He wears a helmet because that's a MOTU thing. He looks awesome. Like some kind of wise guru dragon one must quest to ask for a special item or something. Just looks nice.

  4. Agent 86

    Surely if Granny's tailed is turned "upside down" to help support his bulk, then he'll be able to "stand" (or at least squat/crouch)?

  5. Thundercats minimates excite me about as much as all the other mini mates of properties I love i.e. not very much, because I just don't enjoy minimates, despite LOVING many of their properties. I think Granamyr looks FANTASTIC. I would've been down for a little more badass-ness, but I think he turnout out AMAZING.

  6. toyman

    Granamyr looks perfect. Exactly like the cartoon, just as he should. Not being able to stand is slightly dissapointing however.

  7. Monkey boy

    Yow, that granamyr sure does look like a big huge poorly designed 80s cartoon dragon.

  8. Personally I'm thrilled about the Thundercats Minimates. Hope they continue with the line, although I'm not sure how many more they could actually make.

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