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Evil Energy-Draining Insectoid
Real Name: Bliddeon Black

A Kribleen insectoid vampire from the Gluubux Galaxy, Mosquitor joined the Evil Horde on his own accord, preferring the Empire to life in a mud hole on his home world. Looking like a normal insectoid, Mosquitor moves in on his prey then stings them hard and sucks them dry. He is extremely vicious though not particularly brainy. You can’t get blood from a rock, but Mosquitor has tried in his day. Mosquitor drains his enemies of their energy while his bionic stinger and chest oozes red with power. Even Hordak keeps his distance from the Evil Horde vampire!

Okay, first the names. “Bliddeon Black” sounds like a rejected Harry Potter character, while I’m fairly certain George Lucas tossed the names “Kribleen” and “Gluubux” into the circular file in favor of “Naboo” and “Dooku.” After so many of the other animal-type characters have had unprounceable names, Mosquitor gets one that seems vaguely Anglo-Saxon? Just seems odd. (Side note: I would still believe a real person was named “Bliddeon Black” before “Benedict Cumberbatch.”)

Actually the whole bio seems a little weird to me. “Looking like a normal insectoid?” First off, what counts as a “normal” insectoid – I mean, we know of two other insectoids who look nothing like Mosquitor. And do normal insectoids have giant robotic stingers for noses? Finally, when you’re six feet tall, can you really approach another person nonchalantly as a “normal” insectoid and then sting them? Seems like it would be easier to just jump ’em in a dark alley.


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Any questions for the Four Horsemen?


  1. Harrig

    Webstor technically would not be an insectoid, rather an arachnoid. They also would not have giant robotic stingers for noses, though. The name sounds like it could be Welsh, but I don't know any Welsh people with giant roboic stingers for noses either.

  2. Well, they certainly make it emphatically clear that Bliddeon joined the Evil Horde of Evil on his own accord. At least he wasn't brainwashed, hypnotized, or put under some magic spell by Hordak.

    Also, Mosquitor moves in on his prey much like I move in on my women! 😉 nyuck nyuck.

    • Also, sounds like there should be some sort of nursery rhyme in there… "Biddeon Black took an axe / And gave his mother forty whacks…"

  3. I really haven't been reading MOTUC bios much. Are they all this lame?

    • No, this one is just especially lame. I generally take the bios with a grain of salt.

  4. When you are six feet tall, it is very easy to nonchalantly approach somebody and sting them dry.

    Trust me.

  5. dayraven

    don't forget, the british also gave us aethelred the unready, so sure, bliddeon black is right in order. and that last paragraph had me literally laughing out loud poe… well said sir. bio-BLECH!

  6. snarf! Snarf!

    This bio is blegh!
    Come on! we've got Tzzt tzztzztt or whatever Buzz Off's name is, but Mosquitor gets a very British sounding name?
    the only good thing is that Mosquitor does NOT Sparkle!!

    the whole joining up by his own accord seems like a snarky remark to the fans who complained about the abuse of "horde brainwashing" in the bios… I'm surprised that no one added a sticker mentioning Spector's rivalry with Mosquitor

  7. Dead Man Walking

    *their will.

  8. Dead Man Walking

    This bio is so weird and amateurishness. The whole "Mosquitor joined the Evil Horde on his own accord" part seems like a reaction to fans' disdain for so many of the bad guys being hypnotized or otherwise controlled against there will.

    What I really love is what the Four Horsemen did with staction Mosquitor. If you pry off his face mask you see that he does not have a piercing instrument for his mouth. This makes perfect sense, as only female mosquitos suck blood. I would like to have seen that as an explanation for why he needs the metal, prosthetic sucker.

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