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Heroic Trainer-Of-Arms
Real Name: Dekker

Originally a mercenary from the Dunes of Doom, Dekker switched sides during one of the early battles of the Great Unrest and fought with King Miro against Marzo’s tyranny. His wisdom and courage quickly lead to his appointment as Miro’s Man-At-Arms, leading and training the royal soldiers. Throughout these battles Dekker took a young prodigy named Duncan under his wing, traveling through Eternia, fighting evil together. In time, Dekker retired to Orkus Island, passing his title and duties to his former apprentice and sidekick. Although he now enjoys the simple life of a fisherman, the ever-present forces of evil occasionally call him back to fight for justice alongside the heroic Masters of the Universe.

Before we go further, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone once again that I absolutely hate the use of the term “Masters of the Universe” to describe the good guys. Why can’t they just be the Heroic Warriors? Can’t be trademarked, I suppose.

Moving on, Dekker appeared in the episode “The Island” of the Millennium He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon. Nothing in this bio contradicts what was depicted in the episode, though I believe it adds the bit about Marzo and the Great Unrest (at least in terms of Dekker’s involvement).

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a lot to comment on here. Thoughts?


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  1. Mysterious Stranger

    Did Dekker ever wear the traditional MAA armor? I'm thinking one of my extra Palace Guards may be sacrificed so Dekker can sport the green body suit and armor.

  2. snarf! Snarf!

    Dekker needs no stinking weapons… that mace is for MAA. Dekker kicks your butt with a lousy stick then he takes your weapons and beats the living crap out of you with them! Or that's how he's going to behave in my fan continuity!

  3. I couldn't even remember Dekker, but I like the character type.

  4. dayraven

    i love dekker, in large part because im partial to the grizzled old hardass archetype, and he qualifies. and i don't know hy, but i'm also partial to old black men whose hair has gone gray, as a visual aesthetic… so dekker doubles me down on the joygasm. i'm sure the lack of weapons will put some people off, but i have this whole image in my head of his stripping the bad guys of their gear and beating them senseless w/ it, like kurt russell in tombstone when he jerks that cowboy's gun from his holster and busts him across the head w/ it… so it doesn't bug me at all. the only low point of the fig for me is the political shenanigans of his BM…

  5. Bigbot

    It's an actual bio, and pretty much gives everything we need to know about Dekker. I like the idea of Duncan following in Dekker's footsteps, reminds me of Nightwing becoming Batman. Except Nightwing isn't eventually turned evil and then killed by his predecessor (though I'm sure Dan Didio would have loved that).

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