NECA Bets They Can Get You To Buy Another Robocop…

…and they’re totally right.

Just thought it’d be nice to take a break from Subpocalypse for a moment.


Club Eternia 2013, Cont’d


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  1. I can not wait to own this figure. So glad they finally worked out a way to make a functioning leg holster.

  2. George

    PoeI'm wondering if you ever got the Glow in the Dark Robo…I saw it at TRU for 10 bucks is tat how much it was at SDCC? (the quality control was the worst I have ever seen from NECA.

    • I got one at TRU myself. Haven't opened it yet. Have plans for it. It wasn't an SDCC exclusive, so I don't know how much it was there.

      Surprised about the QC – they've been much better lately.

    • Mario

      You'll have to direct me to this TRU when I see you on Saturday, if you don,t mind, of course.

    • Unfortunately, I've had to cancel 🙁 I've got too much on my plate this weekend. But it's the TRU in Danvers, MA. They also had the clear Predator SDCC exclusive and the electric Gremlins exclusive when I was there a few days ago.

    • Mario

      Cool, I'll check it out. Too bad you can't be there, though… Woulda been nice to chat in person about this & that.

  3. matthew

    the only reason i would need to buy an identical robocop would be if his helmet was removable! the 1st release is fine, his paint apps are good, and it saves me $15+!!!

  4. muldertp

    And NECA wins the bet with me.

    Nice to have something positive lately v(and i do appreciate the joke mbbb).

  5. Bigbot

    I have both the first NECA release and the Night Fighter, and I will buy this when I see it. Love me some Robocop.

    • Bigbot

      Wanted to add this kind of negates the need for a Figma version (that little gunshot effect is nice though).

  6. dayraven

    i totally didn't get the joke MBB… my bad.

    and mr poe, the issue only really popped up for me a couple times shortly after the overhaul, but it hasn't happened since then. if it happens again, i'm not exactly quiet. i chalked it more up to user error than anything else.

  7. dayraven

    i suspect mario, that was intended to posted in another article… i've had that happen to me more than once here, since the site overhaul, that i'll start typing a response in the comments and miss that due to a load dealy, i'm responding to a different article than i thought i was.

    either way, NECA has me here, i will not be able to resist leg holster murphy… the only problem will be finding one. my TRU has scaled WAY back on the NECA portion of the aisle.

    • I'm pretty sure Misterbigbo's comment is exactly where it's supposed to be.

      I haven't heard the loading complaint – is that really a major issue? I can look into it if so.

    • Misterbigbo

      It was intended to be right here, light, funny, and not the target of crapping-upon. Jeez, you'd think I'd get a modicum of credit for the reference.

    • It bugs me sometimes, but I've got a computer that likes being slow.

  8. Mario

    You'd think that the Mattel crap would have stayed out of this article, but I guess everyone feels they STILL need to chime in on it, even when it's totally unrelated. Flogging a dead horse comes to mind…

  9. Misterbigbo

    Maybe I'll get him now. Pretty cool feature, but I will only pick him up on the day of sale. The sub exclusive of Acid-Melted Emil Antonowsky is too obscure for this casual fan.

  10. Dead Man Walking

    It's neat, but I honestly wonder how much "play value" most adult collectors get out of something like that. I mean, I would fiddle with the leg holster like 5 times, then pose him on the shelf for the rest of eternity. Considering I already have the regular NECA and McFarlane Robocops, this just isn't worth it for me.

    • A lot of collectors will take joy in the fact that there IS a leg holster. Kind of like Smaug caring about that cup Bilbo stole even though it's not like he ever did anything with it.

  11. A. MacFrankenstein

    They lose. I ike the standard release well enough (still playing with it a month after purchase)–even if the paint apps were lousy.

    Hope they’re not concerned about cherry pickers!

  12. I only have Night Fighter so far so this is INSTABUY.

  13. Mario

    I'd say it's a pretty safe bet. 😉

    "Subpocalypse". Love it.

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