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  • It’s been a light week around here, primarily because DMG and I have been preoccupied with moving into our new house. Don’t worry, the toys were well taken care of during the move. Now maybe I can finally start opening and reviewing some of the MOC/MIB toys I’ve got laying around.
  • DC Collectibles is doing a 3 ¾” DC superheroes action figure line!…that will only be sold at conventions. No doubt this is due in some way to DC’s licensing deal with Mattel. This despite the fact Mattel obviously has no interest in doing this scale right (or at all). I am thankful I do not collect 3 ¾”, because if I did, “apeshit” would only begin to describe my reaction. The best analogue for me would be Hasbro announcing a Marvel Legends-style 6″ Star Wars line that was only available at conventions.
  • Speaking of DC action figures, IAT has a report on some EntertainmentEarth solicitations for “Batman Unlimited” and “DC Unlimited” 6″-scale toy lines. Could this be the future of DCUC? Maybe…? I’ll believe it when it’s announced at SDCC.
  • While I’ll be getting the retro TMNT figures, I haven’t had much interest in the ones based on the new cartoon. That said, this SDCC exclusive Leonardo is beautiful and I want it.
  • You knew it was coming – Square Enix is making Play Arts Kai Arkham City figures, starting with Batman and Catwoman. I really need to review the Arkham Asylum Batman one of these days…
  • The already-somewhat-controversial documentary Toy Masters – about the development of the vintage Masters of the Universe line – will have a panel at SDCC, including some exclusive footage. The documentary attempts to answer the question of “Who created He-Man?” The panel will include former Mattel artist Mark Taylor but not, notably, former Mattel designer Roger Sweet, who in his tell-all Mastering the Universe (my review here) claimed sole responsibility for creating He-Man. Word is Sweet is already unhappy with the whole thing, or at least is “declining to participate further.” For the record, I’m on Team We-May-Never-Know-The-Truth.
  • Shadowland Magazine has a special Masters of the Universe-themed issue, available right now from their website. Articles include an interview with minicomic writer Donald F. Glut, a retrospective on the controversial 1987 Masters of the Universe film starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella, and an in-depth overview of MOTUC.
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    Well, until it's revealed that Playmates had to skip a coat of paint, so the figure will end up being just lime green.

  2. One thing I really liked about Sweet's book was the discussion of the original He-Man pitch ( as well as pitches for other lines.

    Imagine how much different our childhoods would have been if Kenny Dewitt won.

  3. Rich

    Those 3.75 GL’s look amazing. I always seem to miss the dates when Graphitti puts their leftovers on their website, but these look too good to miss. What an annoyance this will be to collect. Couldn’t they restrict things to the specialty market, like their other offerings?

    • I suspect many people are about to become experts on when Graphitti puts their leftovers on their website (though I'm wondering if they'll even do it in this case – there could be legal restrictions).

  4. Ridureyu

    Is Mattel run by Dick Dastardly, or something?

  5. AmericanHyena

    Is Rustin covering the convention for you again this year Poe?

  6. Mario

    Kind of off topic, but when I saw that pic of your pile of loot, it had me wondering if you'll be attending CDX's East Coast Summit.

    Any likelihood?

    • I am indeed planning to be there! It's only a few towns over, so I'd have to be pretty lazy not to.

    • Mario

      Well then, it should be a pleasure to meet you in person, Mr. Ghostal.

    • Likewise! I believe PrfktTear and Dr. Rampageo of Doomkick.com will be there as well.

    • Mario

      Should be fun!

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