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The Amazing Spider-Man


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  1. No problem. Thank you for posting my work here. peace!

  2. Hi! advocatepinoy here! Thank you for choosing my photo as a pic of the day! Also, did anyone post on my flickr account regarding this image? anyway, no big deal, thanks again for sharing my work!

    Yes, it's from the MTV Spidey Line 😉


    • The photo itself links back to your Flickr account. I don't see any comments on the Flickr page but you do have a ton of Favorites.

  3. dayraven

    what lizard figure is that?

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      IIRC it looks like a custom of The Ultimate Universe Lizard…

    • A.J.

      I think it's the one from the MTV Spider-Man series?

  4. Dead Man Walking

    All-time best 6-7in Spider-man, IMHO.

  5. Wish fulfillment concerning the movie design?

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