Batman Unlimited Series 2 to include Four Horsemen-sculpted DKR Batman, Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

[Is…is that DKR Batman built on a MOTUC body…?]

Just received word from BigBadToyStore that their Batman Unlimited Wave 2 will include “Dark Knight Returns and Planet X Batman with Batmite” – better known as the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.

They’re also soliciting DC Unlimited Wave 2, which includes Wonder Woman and Injustice Batman.

Pre-order both sets from BBTS here.


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  1. kid nicky

    Am I mistaken, or did I see somewhere that they're going to have a Kenner looking Penquin as well?

  2. Poe´s MOTU Batman looks so much better, the Unlimited one looks so… disappointed?? Seriously, he looks depressed…

    Wish they would make WW on BG Teela's body. The Mattel DC Ladies are so scrawny, it hurts.

  3. Syncorizon

    Sigh…okay, I understand that I'm probably one of only 5 people on the planet that's kinda sick of Batman, but if the Bat has his own line (Batman Unlimited), why put a Bat in the DC Unlimited line too? Just put Injustice Bats in the next wave of Batman Unlimited figs. The last thing I want (and again, I realize I'm in the vast minority on this) is to have a Batman Unlimited line and a Batman-with-a-few-other-DC-characters Unlimited line. I mean, yeah, sure, peanut butter and chocolate go together great…but sometimes you just want plain old peanut butter…

    I'm worried that by doing this, DC and Mattel are just outright admitting that their only "heavy-hitter" is Batman. And it's a sad state of affairs if that truly is the case…


    • clark

      Then you'll be real happy to find out that the New 52 Batman will in fact be both the DC Unlimited, and Batman Unlimited toyline.
      That's right! Same figure, different packages, in stores at about the same time!

    • Isn't the Batman Unlimited version a shiny repaint?

    • Yes it is. And the reason Injustice Batman is in DC Unlimited is because they're planning to make more Injustice figures and sprinkle them throughout DC Unlimited next year, and it's much less of a headache to have figures that go together under one banner instead of all the figures but ONE under one banner.

  4. Agent 86

    Mine. Mine. Mine. MOTUC Batman must join my collection.

    And a MOTUC Superman must shortly thereafter also join my collection.

    The new WW also looks … okay. I wish it was based on the design of WW in her own comic book instead of the design of WW in Justice League.

  5. he-dan

    If only these were in the DC Sub!!

    Batman on a MOTUC buck! Never thought I'd see the day!

  6. Jesús Santillán

    Why too many f***ing?…o.0

  7. I'm so confused. Is this a retail line? What's Batman Unlimited?

    Regardless I need the f***ing ugly Batman.

  8. Battle Catman

    Oh, cool! A new Wonder Woman! I can't wa–

    F*cking HANDS!!!

    And it looks like she may have Black Canary hips.

    • Bigbot

      The 4H need to do something about the women's hands they sculpt for DC. I've never been happy with any of them, and they look so weird when holding anything. The right one looks like a new sculpt, but the left one looks like the old kind.

  9. ero

    "[Is…is that DKR Batman built on a MOTUC body…?]"

    I wondered if that would be bugging you or not. 🙂

  10. Black Arbor

    What’s with all the negativity? These are both legitimate variants, and Zur En Arrh batman is technically a different character (sometimes). Plus, people who missed out on bat mite get a second chance at him. I know I like that. The only one that doesn’t look good is that injustice based batman.

  11. jumper11

    Ha! That's awesome, I know you've wanted Mattel to make a DKR like that for the masses for a while now! I'd buy it, but unfortunately, I can't afford the subscription.

    • Lovable-Bill

      Its not a sub figure. Its a retail figure from the Batman Unlimited line.

    • jumper11

      Oh wow, where do I sign up to buy this and many more like it?!

  12. Composite Ghost

    It wouldn't be right to do just one DKR figure.

  13. fengschwing

    DKR and Zur-En-Arrh SOLD!

  14. misterbigbo

    A quick comparison with He-Man and that DKR Batman and I think he has MOTUC arms and legs but a newly sculped torso and crotch, but it's hard to tell. The ribs look different to me. And though he doesn't hit me on all cylinders as I would hope a FHM version of my favorite Batman would, it took me about 8 seconds to pre-order him on BBTS. That pile of loot next winter/spring will be awesome!

  15. Ronnie

    …Really. A wave with THREE Batmans. …Looks like it's Kenner all over again.

    • Lovable-Bill

      One is Batman Unlimited, the other is DC Unlimited. They are two different lines, and it just happened to be Batman from Injustice this time instead of someone else.

    • Barbecue17

      That's still a lot of Batman from the same company at the same time.

    • A.J.

      It only seems like a lot because the waves are so small. Kenner in the 90s put out Batman figures out the wazoo. And why not? Batman sells, and at least they're all story-based variants that people actually want (well, probably not the Injustice one, judging from online reactions to the sculpt . . .)

    • stack32

      So it only seems like a lot because Batman's 75% of the figures shown? That seems like "a lot" to me. I don't have a problem with them releasing any of the figures, though the Injustice design is really ugly, but it sure seems they could have been timed a little better.

    • A.J.

      It's easy to hit %75 percent when it's three out of four figures. And they're all pretty varied, er, variants.

    • Ronnie

      This is still the kind of stagnant, Bats-filled casepack that killed the Batman line before DCSH. I'm not saying any of them are bad figures, it's just way too much Batman, too little anyone else. [Though I personally write Zurr-En-Arrh off as 'excuse to offer collectors Bat-mite', because on its own design merits… Zur-En-Arrh Bats is an interesting idea, but the design is one of the most eye-hurtingly garish things I've seen that isn't a G2 Transformer.)

  16. Ronnie

    Ten bucks says the cape of Zur-En-Arrh and the body of DKR Bats are later retooled into a Batzarro.

  17. Valo487

    If only there were an entire line of MOTUC esque DC figures….that Batman is mine.

  18. Mattel, you are saving me so much money…

  19. Harrig

    I thought for a second the DKR Batman was your Master English MOTUC conversion!

    • Harrig

      And then I realised I was so tired I misread the article and you had already pointed that out.

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