Club Eternia 2013 is a go

135%. Ram Man is saved, and Geldor is the fan’s choice winner, which I’m happy about because I voted for him.

Please begin celebrating/cynical eye-rolling……..nnn-now.


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  1. Am I the only one who understood it to be 135% of the Minimum number of Subs required?

  2. Dark Angel

    Well, today is the 8th, so maybe we will find out who won the fan vote that was supposed to stay open through today!

    …wait, what's that? Nietlich already announced the winner? Over 24 hours before the voting was scheduled to end?


    Well, I'm SURE it wasn't because the vote was fixed or anything like that. He just…used his Spector powers to travel into the future to find out the results. Just as he used them to travel into the past and trademark the name "Geldor" weeks before SDCC.


    • He said it was a typo and it always should have said the 6th. Take that as you will.

      I wanted Geldor anyway. 😛

    • Dark Angel

      Well, that clears up…nothing, actually.

      I'm not accusing him of anything. We have all been in a situation where surrounding events could make our words or actions suspect. Of course this happens to most of us once or twice in a lifetime…it happens to Nietlich once or twice (or three times) a week. Where there's smoke…

    • jumper11

      Can he use his Spector powers to cast my vote? Or remove Spades McPurplepool from the Heman universe?

    • AmericanHyena

      From what I understand no one else really stood a shot anyway. Every major reseller said they were casting all their votes for Geldor. Combine that with what we can assume was at least a fairly even breakdown amongst the choices and Geldor is a shoe-in.

    • AmericanHyena

      Of course now I just read he only won by 27 votes so shows what the Hell I know.

  3. misterbigbo

    As a casual fan of MOTUC I am glad to see it continue. As a cherry picker I am glad I preordered Ram Man on BBTS. I am now awaiting the next scandal to hit the line.

    Was there any word on the Watchmen sub? I never heard a peep about it. . .

    • It was always guaranteed. My theory is it was subsidized by DC as part of their Before Watchmen promotion.

  4. Jesús Santillán

    And in the end ,the MOTUC community was divided between subscribers and no subscribers. Enjoy it!:@

  5. Robzy

    Wow.. I'm sooooo shocked!! It's so amazing how the whole line was saved at the very last minute of the very last day… almost as if it were… never in danger at all??!!!


  6. clark

    I couldn't afford a sub, but am very glad that it went through. I can now get my Jitsu and Fighting Foe Men!

  7. I get the cynicism some people seem to have but I don't share it at all.

    I think a lot of people were just putting it off for as long as possible. Though no doubt people buying multiple subs helped a lot.

    At 135% I don't know if this could be called a "mandate" because of all the "save teh lein" videos, blogs, and whatnot — that said, if someone loves MOTUC enough (and has the capital to back it up) to buy multiple subs, then thats what they chose to do.

    • Tribsaint

      Mandate is a great term because of the political conatation. I think the line clearly has a mandate and I would bet that just like a bunch of campaign promises, fans are not going to see the "new day" promised.

      Proof is in the video.

      As soon as the numbers were above and byond the stream lined 2 year plan seems to be out (at least not mentioned)

      Then expense seemed to be a major concern, but now big surprises (meaning more money) are coming.

      Ultimately fans choose the "abuse" and how much they'll take before they set the bed on fire.

      I'm glad fans are getting Ram man, it's how they getting him that bugs people.

      I guess we will see, it would be great if the nay sayers are wrong and matty keeps all promises.

  8. doctorkent

    Glad to see it went through. Maybe now I can stop hearing people who don't even collect the line complain about it.

  9. jumper11

    i don't think there was lying by mattel, but there was a ton of asshattery. Given the way it's been hyped with everyone and their mother issuing pleas, and the doomsaying from the company, I would have expected sales of 101%. Something close, but enough to make it.
    For the fans, I feel bad. I'm glad the line is continuing, but I don't like the way it is continuing or how it's run. The lamest thing of all has to have been the pleas from the damn toy company. The makers of barbie ain't hurting for money.

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