Joe Amaro’s Manta Raider: Power-Con sale information

I’m trying to take a break from all things MOTUC for a week or two, post-Subpocalypse – just want to get away from the topic for a bit – but when Power Pal Joe Amaro sent along news about his new Manta Raider, I had to post it. –PG

The price for the Manta Raider will be $50.00 and will be limited to one per person.  I am thinking about pre-selling them to help avoid any headaches at the con. Anything that does not sell during the pre-sell period will be at the con for sale.

This is for the Manta Raiders at Power Con only. I will not be shipping any out at this time. That will be another run and there WILL BE another run later for fans who could not attend Power Con.

To be clear if you pre-order you will have to pick them up at Rudy’s booth.  Which is better because while there you can him sign it!

But I will not do this until I have them done and ready, so maybe by early to mid September. I will keep updating you as I have information, especially when I have the ordering information.

Thank you so much for your support!

NOTE: The Manta Raider is not associated with MOTU or Mattel.  It’s a limited edition handmade piece of art and not a toy.

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  1. The Rook

    I NEED one.

  2. Mysterious Stranger

    I'll be trying to get in on the preorder for Power-Con. I'd like one of these and the opportunity to get the box art signed is too good to pass up.

  3. I think I want one. Very neat design.

  4. JD

    I want one. Wicked cool.

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