Saurod and Blade want you to subscribe to Club Eternia

So…yeah, the actors who played Saurod and Blade in the 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe movie have cut videos asking you to subscribe to Club Eternia, thanks to member Captain Atkin.

First up is Pons Maar, a.k.a Saurod:

Next we have Anthony “Blade” De Longis:

And as a bonus, here’s our own Pixel Dan:


Interview > Sculptor Jean St. Jean


Pic of the Day > Transformers Animated Grimlock by Shannon Ocean


  1. TheFunHasBeenDoubled

    I can see next year's video:
    Hi, It's me, Dolph Lundgren, He-Man. Mattel has finally gotten the rights to make a He-Man that looks like me. I've never had a He-Man that looks like me and now I want one. buy the 2014 Club Eternia Subscription now. I have done too many straight to DVD S***ty movies that will never have an action figure. I already have Ivan Drago, but I need a He-Man to complete the pinnacle of my movie career. Buy the sub or I MUST BREAK YOU… because I HAVE THE POWER!!! Seriously buy the sub or I will personally kick your face for not doing so.
    (much better if read in Dolph's voice)

    • dayraven

      not only will he beat your ass, remember, the guy's a friggin' genius… so after a thorough ass kicking, he'll break you down into your constituent sub-atomic particles, run your ass through the large hadron collider, and create a singularity with you… that's right, not only will he break you… he'll higgs boson your ass!

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