Secret Power-Con accessory will NOT be available elsewhere

Pixel Dan issued a heads-up that the Power-Con secret accessory will in fact not be available anywhere else. Here are the details:

  • The accessory is a weapon
  • The accessory was a “happy accident” that Mattel realized would make for a perfect giveaway
  • There are only 1,000 pieces made
  • This is a Power-Con ONLY exclusive. Since there are only 1,000 pieces made, once they are out they are gone for good. Don’t expect these to be made available anywhere else after Power-Con
To which I say: I can live without it. But if you can’t, then, as Pixel Dan suggests, make arrangements to get to Power-Con or find someone who is willing to pick one up for you (but you still have to purchase a ticket). Also, has a few pre-orders available for the accessory.


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  1. AmericanHyena

    My prediction: Horde Prime’s crossbow accidentally molded in Hurricane Hordak’s colors.

  2. FakeEyes22

    This is certainly interesting, I think.

    Could be blown out of proportion and just be a very subtle error piece that Mattle decides would be fun to give away rather than toss in the trash.

    They recycle tooling often enough, why not garbage? Hahaha…but seriously, it’s pretty cool that they decided to support the con with a small freebie.

    For all we know it could be something more significant. He-Ro’s black sword is something that’s somewhat minor, but people would love to have it. It’s probably something like that, but the cool factor and resulting fan rage on behalf of either those who bought it or those who are left wanting depends entirely on what piece it is.

    Vac-Metal Power Sword that was canned due to a deco malfunction after 1,000 were made? WANT.

    Clawful’s mace in a 3rd shade of green? No thanks.

  3. muldertp

    I know I’ll kick myself later, but I can’t justify $20 for an unknown accessory.

    My money is on some alternate color of one of Roboto/Trap Jaw/Horde Prime’s hands accidentally cast in the wring color.

  4. Harrig

    A codpiece with a dragon face for dragon blast Skeletor?

  5. The world has ended.

  6. Mysterious Stranger

    Good thing the raging fanboys haven't packed away their pitchforks and torches after the subscription outrage.

    • Given that it's just a repaint, I highly doubt this will reach Gleekocalypse levels.

      I just can't think of an accessory repaint that fans have been clamoring for. I've got my repainted Tri-Klops sword, so I'm good. Maybe a red Trap Jaw/Roboto gun for Hurricane Hordak? Eh.

    • Mysterious Stranger

      Given that the phrase "happy accident" is emphasized I'd say this is a case where something was produced in the wrong colors or colors that didn't turn out correctly and they made too many to just throw away. Doesn't sound like this was an intentional creation, just a series of fortunate timing.

      As for the item itself, I'd say it will probably be something we've already seen come out, perhaps Lazer Lots sword in a different shade of clear red? I know clears can be some of the most difficult plastic colors to get consistent in the production process.

    • Mario

      After having an epiphany this morning, my prediction is this : It'll be the orb stand that comes with TOD Sorceress, either in an all clear "colorway", or in a flat color "colorway", hence, the "happy accident".

    • Mario

      It seems as though I need to scratch my theory, as the stand is certainly not a weapon. Oh well.

    • Mario

      Reading is HARD.

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