Sightings > Battlegrip’s “A Message From…” Comics

Philip J. Reed over at Battlegrip has been having a lot of fun creating comics featuring various MOTU characters asking you to subscribe.

Speaking of, today’s the last day, which means – thankfully – this will all be over by 12am PT, one way or the other.


Poe’s Review > Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection, Playmates)


Pic of the Day > FOC Shockwave by HatRabies


  1. Fengschwing

    I must admit, I'll be relieved, although I expect a lot of hanging on and stretching things out before any announcements are made.
    I have a sneaking suspicion DCIE won't quite bite the dust, I suspect they may offer it at a higher cost per figure or something.
    Weirdly, I was quite looking forwards to getting my 20 quid back…

  2. Thanks! I'm gonna be trying some similar comics for other toy lines. Still thinking about creating a regular webcomic; I just need to find time.

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