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Space Ghost

Over the last five years of this blog, I have occasionally bought figures I wouldn’t otherwise have solely for review purposes. This often turns out to be disappointing and the toy is quickly tossed into a storage bin.

I actually hit a couple Toys R Us stores this weekend, somewhat reluctantly looking for Jazwares’s new Space Ghost figure. If I’d seen it, I would have bought it. Fortunately, Newton Gimmick of Infinite Hollywood has gone where I boldly preferred not to go, so I can just refer you to his review and keep my $11 safely in my PayPal account. Thanks for taking one for the team, Newt.


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  1. WTF youi made me laugh by saying don't thank that ***** lol hahaha

  2. Dark Angel

    Poor Jazwares. They try ever so hard…

    • Do they, though?

    • Dark Angel

      I think they really want to make super-articulated, well-detailed figures. Whether they are unwilling or unable to invest the money required to fully accomplsh those goals I do not know. I suppose it depends on that.

    • Ha!

      An odd beast, that Jazwares is. Stuff like this Space Ghost is like 90% of the way to excellent, then falls short in some very simple way that I don't even know if I'd call it "average"

      I mean, that bicep swivel was the ONE thing I found lacking in my previous 6" Space Ghost. This one is way more articulated, but still doesn't address that problem. It's frustrating.

      And all the other new, more cartoony HB characters like have really nice looking sculpts, but what's with the elbows that point the arms into the body and not forward? I'd consider them better figures without any elbows at all, since then I could at least stop punching myself in the head trying to understand such a strange design choice.

    • Looking at my A-team van I doubt they do.

  3. George

    I have the original, I think I picked it up at a Swapmeet or something but I still want this one…maybe if it goes on clearance.It really does look like a Mexican knock-off, but jeeze everyone is going hard on these Jazwares guys haha.


    I am highly disappointed in this Space Ghost figure. It's downright sad.

    I'd seen some Jetson figs about 2 weeks ago at a TRU not knowing that a Space Ghost even existed in this "line" from Jazwares. Then I see the post from a few days ago here and I, like Poe, pretty excited to track one down. Caught in the "back-to-school shopping whirlwind" over the weekend I didn't get out to do much hunting but gladly, after seeing Newt's review, I was spared.

    The soft sculpting (especially the face), the loose joints and the shoddy paint apps wouldn't have been saved by a bicep cut for me.

  5. Monte

    Don't thank that son of a bitch; along with you and Alexx he's to blame for making me spend $40 on Nick Turtles! Screw you, Newton!

    • Well yeah, but…the Turtles are awesome…and look how much you got for your $40!

    • Mario

      Yeah, me too. To hell with you NEWT!

    • Monte

      ""Well yeah, but…the Turtles are awesome…and look how much you got for your $40!"

      That's true… they are pretty awesome…

      "Yeah, me too. To hell with you NEWT!"

      Yeah! Go to hell, Newt!

    • I'm only laughing on the outside. My smile is just skin deep. If you could see inside I'm really crying. You might join me for a weep.

    • Monte

      Ha ha ha, great response. I just watched it again with my daughter.

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