Sightings > Jin Saotome’s Custom TMNT12 Slash

A new TMNT toy line, a new slew of Slash customs. Slash, the evil Turtle, remains one of the franchise’s most popular designs (despite never having gotten another toy after the original), so it didn’t take long to start seeing customs of him from the new toys. Customizer extraordinaire Jin Saotome enters the fray with this amazing piece. Click the photo or this link for more images.

Personally, I hope we get a Slash in the actual toy line – in fact, I hope the new cartoon really delves into the old Archie-verse. That seems like a rich treasure trove of characters and stories, especially since the 2003 series already covered so much of the Mirage era. Which is another way of saying I want updated versions of Slash, Ray Fillet, and Wingnut & Screwloose – hell, all the Mighty Mutanimals.

Getting back to the custom – I have to say, with that squat round head, toothy grin, beady eyes, and the bandanna ends trailing like ears, he reminds me more than a little of Max of Sam & Max fame.


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  1. The thing about customs like that (and don't get me wrong; it's a nice looking figure) is that they don't fit in with anything else. Is that guy, with his detailed paint, going to look right on the shelf next to the Leonardo you bought for 9 bucks from Toys R Us? I feel the same way about Jin's Transformers stuff; he adds all kinds of detailed paint that's far more involved than what you'll see on the stock stuff that's the other 99.9% of your collection. To my way of thinking, you're paying premium prices for a piece that has to either stand alone or make all the rest of your stuff look cheap.

  2. Mario

    Bloody thing finished for $610.

  3. clark

    Wow, it looks like it sold for a pretty decent amount on ebay. Congratulations to Jin!

    I'm not incredibly familiar with all the great customizers out there, but I do know that anything made by Jin Saotome will be the highest quality. Whoever won this auction got himself an incredibly cool figure.

  4. Jesús Santillán

    And where are the guy of Guns n roses?o.0

  5. coooooooooooool

  6. He beat me to it. Darn. I'm not surprised at the influx of Nickelodeon TMNT Slash customs. He's gotta be the most popular Turtles character to customize.

  7. Monte

    It's amazing to me that the vintage Slash figure is so cute, 'cause at the time I thought it was menacing and badass.

    I eventually traded mine to some kid for his (rare!) Jump in the Fire EP.

  8. Mario

    I have Jin as a saved seller in my Ebay account, just to see what he comes up with EVERY BLOODY WEEK! The man's a genius.

  9. Oh yes! I've been saying for ages on the WHat The Shell podcast, that I need a new Mondo Gecko figure. Whether he is classics or new Nick.

    • Monte

      I use a Marvel Legends Lizard; he may not have hair, but he's an anthropomorphic lizard, and that's half the battle.

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