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Apparently Jazwares is making a line of Hanna-Barbera toys, including this Space Ghost figure. Somehow I was completely unaware of this.

The SG figure seems to draw a lot from the earlier Art Asylum figure. It adds hinged wrists, which is good, but neglects bicep swivels, which is very, very bad, because it prevents you from doing the classic pose with the fingers touching the gauntlets as he fires. Frankly I’d rather have had that than the H-hinged legs. Sigh…anyway, I’ll still have to track this guy down, because I love Space Ghost.


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  1. Man, talk about a missed opportunity. So many cool characters, such shoddy toys…

    An updated Space Ghost would rock so hard… Hasbro, Mattel… even NECA and their "too cool to be articulated" figures… you know, a REAL toy company, instead of whatever Jazwares is supposed to be…

  2. On second thought, I'm not going to get this thing. The lack of biceps is ridiculous, and knowing Jazwares the toy will probably have other disappointments.

  3. They should make the 6 main Gobots.

  4. muldertp

    DC had a Space Ghost comic. I’d imagine its possible. They might have the rights. Not a certainty but it’d be worth asking.

    • Yeah, I think Space Ghost should be folded in the DCU proper myself. I guess WB wants to keep HB and DC apart, though.

  5. AgentRavage

    We just set a Hanna Barbara section at TRU. It’s next to Adventure Time. Barely any product was in though, so I didnt see this guy yet.

  6. Herculoids. HERCULOIDS!!

  7. Now I am dream-drooling over a Hot Toys Space Ghost….

  8. Enigma_2099

    Space Ghost… NECA… hell, ANYBODY but Jazwares!!!

  9. ero

    Still wish Matty could have made Space Ghost happen. Make it an SDCC exclusive to foot the bill for the licensing.

  10. They need to make Birdman and Blue Falcon.

  11. Raf

    I actually picked this one up at my local TRU. They had hong kong phooey, huckleberry hound, yogi, Fred flinstone, rosey and Dino as well. 3″ and 7″

  12. Enigma_2099

    I think I want this!

    Wait… Jazzwares? The Mortal Kombat guys?

    … dammit. Nevermind.

  13. misterbigbo

    No biceps swivel BUT the hands in the correct laser-firing pose?!? Huh. . .

    • Mario

      I know! Why in the hell would they do that??? Someone's just not doing there job properly. I already own all the Toynami H-B stuff, but, as Depeche Mode famously quoted, "I just can't get enough".

      That said, I think it's safe to say that this flew under quite a few radar's, so thanks for putting this up, Poe.

    • Mario

      Ugh, I meant "their job" & "radars".

    • I'm willing to bet cash money the bicep articulation was planned and then removed during production to save money. Pretty sure that's a common MO for Jazwares.

      Hopefully David Vonner can help make Jazwares understand that these things matter.

    • Enigma_2099

      Are you f******* kidding me?

      Wonderful. Nothing like grabbing a popular franchise so you can halfa** the figures.

  14. Bigbot

    So these are 6"-7"? If so, I need to track one down.

    • Bigbot

      Nevermind, checked the link. I will need to get Space Ghost and Hong Kong Phooey.

  15. I need that Space Ghost! And Brak! And Zorak!

  16. Thanks for posting this. Had no clue about it either.

  17. bleep

    Unfortunately Jazzawares has a monkey designing their toys. All of the figures have elbow joints, but no bicep swivel and their arms are turned inward! That makes the elbow joint functionally useless.

    Also the paint on these look like low-rent customs and they have an impressive amount of mold scarring. They are cheap, though!

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