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The Tomb of Horrors


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  1. -In one room, there is a secret door in the wall. W hen you find it and pick the lock and open it, it turns out to be a spring-loaded spear trap.

    -Walk into a room, everybody breathes sleep gas and is knocked out. Then the steamroller comes a-rollin' in…

    -Acererak is just a skull on the shelf. He won't bother you if you don't bother him. But if you DO bother him in any way, he can isntantly steal your soul and store it in a gem. And then eat it (though people can still be resurrected somehow, after). Breaking the skull is nearly impossible, and more of a puzzle than a fight (except in 4th Edition, at which point it is an INSANELY difficult fight with Mister Instakill).


    This is a mostly-accurate reconstruction of the final chamber, i.e. the "boss room" of the INFAMOUS 1970s D&D module, The Tomb of Horrors (it gets remade every edition, BTW). It is EXTREMELY FAMOUS, and also EXTREMELY INFAMOUS as possibly the most brutal module ever released. Y'see, the TOmb is owned by Acererak, a Demilich – a lich so old and powerful that all hat remains of his body is his skull, with jewels set in the eyes and teeth (I know, I know – but that tiny gold skull is the only skull I had in this scale. It's actually TO SCALE with D&D minis). Acererak wants to be left alone, is very intelligent, very devious, and has a sense of humor. So here's a rundown of SOME of the traps you will face in the Tomb of horrors. SOME. Not all:

    • -There are two entrances. Walk in the wrong entrance, and get sealed in tthe chamber forever. Walk in the right one, and the ceiling might squish you.

      -There is a gigantic stone gargoyle face with a door-sized open mouth. It looks so inviting… but anything that goes inside is instantly destroyed by the Sphere of Annihilation in the mouth, just out of sight.

      -One room is a big chapel, lined with pews (with hinges, hmmm!), with an altar at the end (radiating a good aura!), and a glowing mist-filled portal archway. If you open the pews, you find gold (it'[s fake gold, worth nothing), and the pews spray poison gas everywhere. Touch the altar, and the good aura goes away, and it shoots a lightning bolt down the aisle. Go into the portal, and it steals all your clothes and gear, swaps your gender, and spits you back out in a berserker rage until your friends beat the rage out of you. The solution is to find a hidden ring-sized slot in the wall and sacrifice a magic ring to open the door. If you lack a ring, one is provided for you in another room, in a treasure chest filled with poisonous vipers.

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