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When did the toy world get to busy that I’m completely out of the loop half the time? Anyway, Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line, which up to know has generally featured videogame-based characters, is expanding into movies and comics, evidently – specifically, The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight Returns.

Oddly enough, the live-action-based Rises figure looks pretty good, but I’m not so sure the PAK aesthetic works for the Dark Knight Returns. And while the pinhead made sense for the Arkham videogame figures, since Bats does have a pinhead in those games, it looks wrong on the DKR figure.

Thanks to Toyark via Battlegrip for the tip.


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  1. I love the articulation on these figures… but the painting keeps me away.

    I don´t know, to me most of them always look… filthy.

  2. Kenneth

    The Rises figures look a bit off, to me. Batman, especially, looks kind of weird.

    Bane, however. Whoa. I'm buying that; he can fight my Arkham Batman instead.

    I kind of agree with Poe on the Returns bat. Even in the game, he didn't have that much of a pin-head. That said, it's still an absurdly articulated and detailed comic-style Batman, so I'd buy it anyway.

    If only to spite Mattel.

  3. Billy Brown

    I'm really looking forward to these movie figures. The Hot Toys ones are great and all but slightly out of my price range. With the right amount of articulation these look like they could be a worthy substitute.

  4. I think its supposed to be based on the 'Returns' skin in AC.

    • Ah – that makes more sense as to why they'd do it, then.

    • misterbigbo

      Maybe being based on the skin makes sense, but it doesn’t look like it. Being a humungo fan of DKReturns, that is not appealing.

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