This Tuesday is “Bring Your Man-E-Faces To Work” Day

Don’t forget – or, find out for the first time – September 4 is “Bring Your Man-E-Faces To Work” Day, a tradition started by several NECA sculptors last year. They note it’s “just a fun way to celebrate our enthusiasm for the MOTU line as well as the one character we can all agree on owning. It’s all about Man-E-Faces.” Take photos of your MEF at work and post them on the Facebook page!


The LoEB: Ninjas Attack!


Pic of the Day > Carrion Crawler by ridureyu

1 Comment

  1. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    My day off is tomorrow… What do I do? Post a pic of me at home with M-E-F?
    Not being sarcastic.

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