Bill White, 1961-2012

It’s with some shock that I just discovered that artist Bill White has passed away. A wonderful member of our community (by which I mean geeks at large, not just PGPoA) has been lost. He will be greatly missed.

I didn’t know Bill that well, but Newton Gimmick of Infinite Hollywood did, and has a touching tribute to Bill that you must read. Bill was an active member of many sites’ communities and seems to have been an all-around great guy.

Bill’s greatest contribution to PGPoA was this submission for my old “Ask Matty” posts.

Some more information on Bill (found here):

Bill White studied animation under former Disney animator Milt Neil at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. He has contributed artwork and stories to many comic book publishers, incuding DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Archie Comics, Harvey Famous Entertainment, Walt Disney Publishing, and many more. He has illustrated the adventures of many famous characters including ‘Donald Duck’, ‘Roger Rabbit’, ‘The Flinstones’, ‘The Jetsons’, ‘Scooby Doo’, ‘Richie Rich’, ‘Casper’, and many more. He also had a comic book featuring his own characters, ‘Kaptain Keen and Kompany’ which ran for six issues and was optioned for television in 1986.

In the animation field, White has worked for Spumco (‘Ren & Stimpy‘), Walt Disney Feature Animation, and DIC Productions (‘Inspector Gadget‘). He has also done extensive work in the advertising and publishing fields, and has traveled the country doing caricatures at private parties and corporate events. In 2000, he joined the Building #19 ad staff.



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  1. I appreciate you posting this Poe. Bill was a great guy who did a lot of great work for my site and was always a great friend. I also know he was a fan of your stuff here and his presence will be missed on a variety of places within the community. It's really sad when we lose one of the good guys.

  2. Thanks for posting this, I didn't know!

  3. John Harmon

    Oh wow…reading the latest blog post with his wife announcing his death, and then seeing the ones before it with Bill talking about his sickness and how he felt better now…that was heart wrenching. Man, this sucks.

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