Castle Grayskull Update

So here’s how it stands right now – the pre-orders for Castle Grayskull [pre-order here] are a bit under halfway there. Personally, I’m not going to panic, or even worry, until we’re into November, because I think a lot of people get paid at the end of the month. Let’s see where the meter is around the first week of November. If it’s still under, then you have my permission to panic.

For the record, I put in my pre-order days ago. No tormented back-and-forth on this one (even Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, by far the more financially responsible member of our duo, told me to just go for it – possibly because she didn’t want me freaking out and spending a small fortune on one at a bankruptcy-baiting mark-up on eBay). So I’ve done my part.

In Grayskull-related news, the irrepressible NoisyDvL5 of ItsAllTrue has created yet another new site, this one tracking all news and info about the Classics Grayskull, at I can only sit and admire his energy for this sort of thing.

Also, as they did with the 2013 subscription, the Four Horsemen have issued a personal appeal to fans to pre-order Grayskull:

One of the main things we’ve dreamed of doing since we very first pitched the idea o Masters of the Universe Classics to Mattel is to get the chance to re-create one of the most iconic playsets of all time, CASTLE GRAYSKULL! Well, the time has come, and we’ve got the chance to not only re-create Castle Grayskull so that it fits in with the level of detail and styling of Masters of the Universe Classics, but this thing’s gonna be HUUUUGE! Plus, we’re going to include all of the features and fun details of the original, and try squeeze in as much cool new stuff as we possibly can as well.

Here’s where you all come in. Unfortunately, this incredible playset isn’t going to be cheap to purchase and we understand that. But the price Mattel’s going to be selling it for is the only way we’re going to be able to make it and get it into the hands of Masters of the Universe fans. Mattel has to have a certain amount of pre-orders before they can even have us start building the thing. If they don’t meet the minimum number of pre-orders required to set this process in motion by the deadline, then Castle Grayskull for the MotU Classics line will never happen. It’s as simple as that.

And for those who missed it, here’s Scott Neitlich’s video showing the foam mock-up of the playset:


Interview > Brian-Man of Spy Monkey Creations, Part III


Pic of the Day > harvest time! by Johnson Cameraface


  1. fishandcross

    As much as I love the toy and the idea of getting a large castle playset, I have a tough time paying hundreds of dollars for essentially "2 plastic walls (and floor I guess)". Sure, there will be gimicks and accessories. But I wonder if someone out in Custom-ville can produce 2 more walls for us (and perhaps a roof) under the cost of purchasing another castle playset??? Regardless, it's a great thing that they are making it for those who want it. It was a major part of the motu phenomenon back then, and it will be again in 2013. They'll make their numbers; no need to worry. 😉

  2. Dead Man Walking

    I don't think you get charged till the Castle is ready to ship, so in theory pay day shouldnt matter.

    • D'oh, you're right about that. I forgot all about that aspect. EDIT: Well, who knows. A lot of people clearly think they'll be charged in some way – after all, the subs did usually have a $20 charge. So I'm still not going to be concerned about this until we're closer to the deadline.

  3. Only line I am collecting now is TMNT.

  4. Meh, this is nothing more than another 'bot who cried wolf' marketing ploy from Mattel tring to get as many sales as possible sames as the 2013 sub.
    Also is the target the top of the thermometer or exactlt where the arrows is?

  5. A. M.

    Look, I'm just a lurker, and so somebody has already thought of and analyzed the suggestion I'm going to make–but I'm curious: why hasn't anyone at Mattel suggested Kickstarter?

    • AmericanHyena

      Why Kickstarter over your own preorder system? Especially because Kickstarter takes a not-inconsiderable cut of the money raised.

  6. Dark Angel

    Poe, I love you, man. But it has been one week.
    I haven't even gotten around to ordering yet, doesn't mean I don't intend to. Let's all please back away from the panic button.

    • Dude, my first paragraph ends with: "Let’s see where the meter is around the first week of November. If it’s still under, then you have my permission to panic." I'm all about the NOT panicking.

  7. Harrig

    There is a thread on heman org with the sole purpose of asking Scott about the castle set up by Pixel Dan. It is only open for a few hours, but gives you a chance to ask about the proposed design.

  8. There's still 19 days left, and they are at approximately 42% right now. I think it's looking good. As always, I ordered 2.

  9. One of these days… I’m going to go to sleep at a decent hour.

  10. ero

    We're already at the point of pleas from the 4H? I'm surprised. The thermometer has actually gone up more than I'd expected, so I didn't think we were at the level of panic yet. The thing about this castle, aside from the price and not everyone understanding that you don't have to pay up front to pre-order, is simply the space it will take up. They keep pushing how "huge it's going to be, but I can't help thinking that works against itself in the subconscious of many collectors. Have you seen how many guys keep their collections on, like, the shelf of their closet?

    Anyway, the castle just doesn't feel necessary, except, of course, to our favorite "small but vocal" crowd online. I've gone back and forth on it, knowing that I'd just have to store it until I have the space for it, but the real drive for me? Having a place to put my Wind Raider. And I'm not sure that's enough incentive (especially not after the price hike).

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