Happy Great Unrest Weapons Pak Day!

Link to the all-in-one order page

For the first time since the Wind Raider, I think, I’m actually going to be attempting to order something off Mattycollector. I’ve been remiss about posting these “Happy…” Mattycollector posts since the subscription became standard and there have been few things people actually had to order, but the Great Unrest pack is probably going to be popular enough to merit it.

Here’s a review of the Weapons Pak at Fwoosh.

As a reminder, it comes with:

  • Repaint of Teela weapons in classic toy colors
  • Keldor split swords
  • Man-at-Arms 200X blaster arm cannon
  • Staff of Horde Prime
  • Draego-Man flaming whip
  • Draego-Man shield with removable snap on flames
  • Draego-Man unflamed “off” sword
  • Temple of Darkness Zoar
  • Repaint of Chief Carnivus weapons
  • Repaint of Clawful weapons

That’s a lot of good stuff – really only the repaints are disappointing. This is easily the best Weapons Pak of them all, and kudos to Mattel for producing it.

Also on sale:

  • MOTU 30th Anniversary Series: Cy-Chop™ designed by Terry Higuchi (included with MOTU 30th Anniversary subscriptions) Really not feeling enthusiastic about this item, mostly because I’m not a fan of the Roboto torso.
  • MOTUC: Rattlor™ (monthly figure, included with Club Eternia® subscriptions) Looks good.
  • MOTUC: Frosta™ (monthly figure, included with Club Eternia® subscriptions) Not really a POP fan. I’ll review this and then it’s going straight into storage. Just being honest here.
  • MOTUC: Weapon Pak: Great Unrest (not included with subscriptions) See above.
  • MOTUC: Battle Armor® He-Man® (remaining stock)
  • MOTUC: King Grayskull® (remaining stock)
  • MOTUC: Trap Jaw® (remaining stock)
  • DCU: Poison Ivy (monthly figure, included with Club Infinite Earths subscriptions) Hoping the figure is good in-hand.
  • DCU: Elasti-Girl (“oversized” figure, included with Club Infinite Earths subscriptions)
  • DCU All-Stars: Batman™ Tempting…
  • DCU All-Stars: Superman™
  • DCU All-Stars: Superboy Prime
  • DCU All-Stars: Red Robin
  • JLU: 3-Pack Featuring Guy Gardner / Martian Manhunter / Batman™ Classic Detective™
  • Voltron® Classics: Black Lion & Pilot Keith (included with Club Lion Force subscriptions)

What are you getting (if anything)?


Trailer for He-Man iOS Game


Castle Grayskull Goes Up for Pre-Order Tomorrow


  1. Dark Angel

    …and Evil-Lyn shield. Everyone forgets Evie's shield. Even Mattel. I mean, wtf? It's right there. 😉

    Anyway, couple of weapons "paks" *Lurch groan* and King Grayskulls (nice, neutral base body for customs) and I was out.

  2. misterbigbo

    I buy so rarely from Matty that I nearly forgot the stress of it all, trying to squeeze an order in ASAP while at work, never knowing what'll sell out fast. I was surprised to get almost 20 minutes of WSOD, and more surprised that my smahtphone got through on barely-3G before the high-speed work Internet . . . But I am glad to get MAA's cannon and Draego's kit!

  3. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    Got in, got out, Hopefully my packs, Frosta and Rattlor will show up soon~

  4. muldertp

    Ugh…forgot about the sale until a minute after ivy sold out. Went right to eBay before prices rocket even higher. Surprised the weapons pak was still there.

  5. AmericanHyena

    Ivy, Black Lion, and the final wave of DCU Classics all sold out.

  6. clark

    I went ahead and got the weapons pack. Not happy about paying almost $30 for it, but I really wanted that Keldor sword and Draego's weapons.

  7. Megaduce Flare

    With a minimal amount of WSoD, I managed to get my GU Weapon Paks & BA He-Man. Everything else I got with my subs, so I'm a happy camper.

    As of 12:26 PM EDT, Rattlor is listed as 'almost gone' while Ivy, the Black Lion, DCUC Nu52 Supes, & DCUC Nu52 Bats are gone.

    I may pick up Superboy Prime & another Frosta if they're still around after the initial Zerg Rush.

  8. Mysterious Stranger

    I was trying to get some Weapons Packs and a Red Robin and Batman but by the time I got to checkout the site told me Red Robin was out of stock. So I take it out of my cart, WSOD for 5 more minutes, take out Batman WSOD for a few more minutes, pay and out. Now I go back and Red Robin is still in stock. Yeah. Digital River can drink from my toilet after burrito night.

  9. Battle Catman

    Logged in at 11:03, done at 11:18. Actual "ordering time" was less than a minute; everything else was waiting.

    Got the Weapons Pak and an Ivy each for myself and a friend. May go back for Frosta and Elasti-Girl.

  10. AmericanHyena

    Already had Rattlor and Frosta coming through the sub. I used the excuse that I was FINALLY ordering something outside the sub (the Weapon's Pack) to stock up on Snake Mountain stands (six sets). And since I was already there I threw Poison Ivy into my cart. (I'd gotten lucky and snagged a Mirror Master at a local show for $20 but Black Mask's secondary prices have held me at bay and there's zero chance in my mind that Ivy won't command the highest secondary prices of Club Infinite Earth's so far).

    • Mysterious Stranger

      Snake Mountain Stands?! I didn't see those listed this month. Grayskull stands are still available but not the Snake Mountain stands. Unless you have a link to some backroom Digital River page that has them for sale and aren't sharing it with us 😉

    • AmericanHyena

      You can (and have always been able to buy since they first went up) Snake Mountain stands. You just have to search for them in the store (they aren’t listed along with all the evergreen items for some reason). I just put them in my cart ahead of time so they were ready to go come the sale opening.


  11. Bigbot

    Just the Weapons Pak for me. If they ever release that armor for Rattlor, I'll track him down then.

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