Legos in a Half-Shell

TURTLE POWER!! Sorry, I have to finish that every time I hear it. It’s like Roger Rabbit and “shave and a hair cut.”

That sound you hear is Rustin Parr‘s wallet screaming in terror. More pics here.


Poe’s Halloween Display


S.H.MonsterArts King Kong Revealed


  1. Jon

    I have a love hate with these licensed sets, LEGO makes it so that you can't get the whole team without spending a damn fortune. Case in point, the recent Marvel Superheroes and LotR sets.

  2. Youve got to be kidding me. Just when I thought it was safe to save money, the Toy Cosmos wheel me back in. This line looks super cool.

  3. These are awesome! I always love looking at the pictures.

    I hope there is a way to get all four Turtles w/o having to purchase an expensive set(s).

  4. Paul

    These don't do a lot for me. I bet they'll make a fun sewer playset though.

    Did you see that Figure of the Day is going away? Sad stuff.

  5. misterbigbo

    Ah ferchrissakes. I still have Lego LOTR sets I haven't assembled yet, where the *bleep* am I gonna put these?!

    That settles it. I just need to build an addition to the house for a Lego room. This should go over well with the wife. She'll probably tell me to make it out of little plastic bricks.

  6. Bigbot

    I wish the shells were able to connect to the waist somehow. The way they have the shells right now looks like they all have collars on.

  7. dasbookpimp

    Two bits

    • Indeed upon seeing that I did a few well-volumed expletives. This was rumored back in late august/early september and I gave it a solid 50/50, but then by pure happenstance I saw that Brickset had 5 set numbers listed for TMNT in their gallery, and now… today… phawbam!

      Love the Turtle mini-figs look great, the rest of the set though… just not that crazy about the designs. I haven't seen any of the new show, but I hope it goes more 80s than 00s. A big part of the fun of that show was that it fully embraced the "this is NOT the real world" aspect of it and the vehicles, like the technodrome and those drill pods… so so so cool!

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