NYCC Mattypalooza Panel News

It’s only been a few weeks since Power-Con, but Mattel had a few more reveals at their Mattypalooza panel over the weekend. Here’s the scoop from TNI:

  • More concept art for Castle Grayskull, which will have a perch for the Wind Raider, and a Kickstarter-like pre-sale for $250 apiece . Pics at TNI.
  • Clamp Champ revealed. He’s the July 2013 figure.
  • New Adventures He-Man revealed. He’s the second quarterly variant, and has a ball-jointed right wrist for sword poses.

All around good news, in my opinion. Clamp Champ and NA He-Man look fantastic, and the ball jointed wrist is a nice (if, and I have to say it, overdue) touch.

There was also some DC news, believe it or not. A Huntress prototype for the Club IE was on display, and we also got betters looks at Dark Knight Returns Batman and the Batman of Zur-en-Arrh, as well as Nite Owl from Watchmen.

Did I miss anything? I might have missed something. Let me know.


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  1. The Flash III

    They also had a Huntress prototype for DCIE–she'll sell out like Ivy did today–I have to hand it to TG, they are really listening to the DC fans!

    • MegaGearMax

      They don't have a choice now. Subscriptions are down, prices are going up and fans are losing interest with him constantly trying to keep the brand going by holding back fan wanted characters and using crap characters in their places. Young Justice 6" died before getting to regular Superboy and Ms. Martian. JLU almost died before completing all of the show characters because he wasted slots on the Justice Guild.

  2. LBD_Nytetrayn

    About time we got a figure who can strike the iconic pose… and an NA figure, too!

    But can he hold his sword through the middle handle like in the show? And I wonder if they'll have a "show version" of the sword, which looked more like steel than a gold-colored handle with a green lightsaber blade. I mean, I like both, so having both would be handy.

    Also, the redesign to fit the standard aesthetic more (and the addition of the cross to the armor) is pretty cool. I hope we get an explanation for the makeover.

  3. Bummed there was no news on the ecto goggles. They had them on display but no updates on the features since the "this is what we want it to do" reveal, nor a price. Glad I skipped this panel to hang out with friends as I would have been bummed.

  4. Wes GRogan

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is up with NA He-Man's left shoulder? That blue stuff is rather.. distracting. That said, nice to see the reveals, although none of them are tempting to me. I'd love to see Matty give more of a shake-up to their lines… they are feeling a bit.. stale.. to me these days.

    • Pete

      Looks like putty to hold the arm on. It's not a finished figure, it's a demo model for the con.

    • Wes GRogan

      Thanks, Pete! Appreciate the information!

  5. Mysterious Stranger

    How many people do you think are going to buy a second NA He-Man to use the balljointed hand on their regular He-Man?

    • I don't think it'll work. NA He-Man's forearm is a unique sculpt, and probably specially engineered to accommodate the ball jointed wrist. You could, however, swap the whole forearm and hand pretty easily, as long as you didn't mind the NA gauntlet on your classic He-Man.

    • Dark Angel

      If I may…NA He-Man shares his forearm sculpt with Bow, who also has hinged wrists. Due to the hinge, the wrist is a bit longer on these fellows than on those figures with cut wrists. The Bow/NA forearm is concave at the wrist so that the wrist hinge rests partly inside of the forearm. Thus, simply switching hands with a cut wrist forearm results in odd proportions and somewhat loose articulation. It can be done, but you would need to do some structural work to integrate the hand to the forearm and tighten up the peg.

    • I forgot that we've seen that forearm with Bow. But yeah, for me, "having to do some structural work" is essentially the same to me as "it can't be done." Mostly because I just don't like customizing my figures beyond drilling a few peg-holes or fixing a broken joint.

    • Dark Angel

      You are not alone. Personally, I can do it, but that's not the same as having any actual desire to do so, is it? I have to be really, really motivated to take on major customizing jobs these days. However, I can see where this particular mod would be highly desirable to He-Man fans…I think it would be cool, actually, but I doubt I will undertake performing it…

  6. Pete

    Pretty sure that Freddie Freeman behind her is a brand new reveal, too…I don't remember seeing or hearing of him before.

    • Pete

      Wow, and there's a Red Hood in there too!

    • The Flash III

      Yes, a terrible Red Hood version that nobody really wanted 😛

    • Pete

      Well, to be fair, I'd rather have the weird, obscure one in the sub…there's a Batman retail line for 2013 that they can put a standard Red Hood in.

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