October is Monster Month at PGPoA!

So as you may have noticed, things are a little different around here. In celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, October is Monster Month at PGPoA! (Big thanks to Wyatt Jones for that great logo!)

I had originally planned to post a review of a monster toy every single day before realizing just how ridiculously impossible that would be for me at this point in my life. So I’ve scaled it back a bit – there will definitely be monster reviews this month, but sprinkled among other, non-monster-y reviews and assorted fun stuff.

I’ll continually update this post with new Monster Month material as it comes up. Don’t worry, it’ll be available in the sidebar.

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I’ll end with the opening song from Garfield’s Halloween Adventure. I’m not the Garfield fan I once was, but I still love this special. (Sponsored by McDonalds!)



Reminder: Weaponeers of Monkaa Go On Sale Today at 3pm ET


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  1. MONSTERS YAY!!!!!

    I really, really love monsters.


    Man, today was one of those days where I wished my iPhone could post to here.

  2. dayraven

    so, for posterity, what counts as a monster? would hannibal lector count? do the gremlins count?

    • Gremlins definitely. I'd say Lecter can be described semantically as a monster, but I generally don't really think of him in those terms. Jason and Freddy I do, somewhat, but they're undead at least.

  3. Jack Static

    Meh! You posted a pic of beetlejuice yesterday (i think) for pic of the day and now that garfield song that i didnt watch but remember, and will now have stuck in my head all day anyway. Id say your doin a fine job of keeping things in the spirit around here! Awesome logo either way! Cant wait for the kaiji reviews

  4. Yeah, for all three people that saw The Keep- some weirdly shaped crosses.

    I love me some monsters, so looking forward to what you've got coming down the pipe. Any chance that'll include a decent swath of kaiju stuff?

    • Definitely some kaiju stuff coming.

      I've never seen The Keep, but I have read both the original novel and the recent graphic novel adaptation of said novel. I liked both, but my understanding is that the movie has little to do with the novel's story.

    • Well, it's streaming on Netflix Instant (which is the only way to see it legally at the moment), but that version… foolishly… is the cut-in-half version where almost nothing makes sense and then it just ENDS SUDDENLY. My dad still has the 3+ hour version on Laserdisc (though the player is broken), and while that version doesn't make too much more sense, there's at least a really cool ending battle with a modicum of closure.

      It's absolutely beautiful and dream-like, the score is incredible, the monster effects for Molasar are badass (especially in his half-formed muscle-and-skeleton suit) and it's got some great actors (Ian McKellan, Jurgen Prochnow), but sweet lord is it ever a huge freaking mess. Still, just talking about it makes me want to get the old LD player fixed…

      Given that you know the story, it's probably just better to watch the Molasar stuff on Youtube than to watch the whole thing…

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