S.H.MonsterArts King Kong Revealed

…and Tamashii takes even more of my money.

I’m fine with this being the 2005 version, because even though I’m not a fan of the movie (way too long, way too much slo-mo, completely overwrought), I do think it’s arguably the best Kong design.


Legos in a Half-Shell


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  1. JediCreeper

    how the hell did I miss that?

    • As I began to suspect when you told me you couldn't find it, Tamashii apparently took the display away. I'm guessing it was a licensing issue. Hopefully it's just this one circumstance, and doesn't spell doom for the figure itself. Cat's kind of out of the bag at this point, though…

    • Yeah, this was only out thursday night. I had friends who saw it, but it was gone Friday morning when I got there.

  2. Mecha-Shiva

    Skipping on this one,I want my classic King Kong or even the goofy one versus Godzilla…Or eventually,GASP,Mechani-Kong!

  3. Dead Man Walking

    I'm good with my bigass Mezco King Kong.

    • Always wanted one of those – my friend Ed, who posts as Sped here on occasion, has one. It's totally awesome. Too expensive on eBay these days – though chances are this thing will be almost as expensive. I'll still probably get this one, though.

    • Mecha-Shiva

      Lol,those Kongs were going to 40 below when I was in Wizard World Chicago years ago on the last day,I just didnt want to lug a toy that big.

  4. Looks great but personally I am only interested in 1933 ver.

    @PrfktTear There is a revoltech T-Rex. I believe he is mighty small though. Photo from IAT http://www.itsalltrue.net/wp-content/uploads/2011

    • I've considered getting that, but it seems kind of awkwardly built. And yeah, he's tiny. S.H.MonsterArts stand around six inches tall.

  5. I saw this posted at TNI(?) and I immediately thought of you, Poe!

    I think this could be a gateway drug for a lot of people… he looks incredible! I would love to see comparison shots of Kong and Godzilla.

    My memory is failing me, but didn't someone once put out a super-articulated T-Rex? I hope he's in scale with this! If not, maybe S-H needs to put out a T-Rex then! =)

    • I'm betting Tamashii won't do a one-and-done with this license. We'll almost definitely get at least a Vastatosaurus rex.

    • Bigbot

      Revoltech put out a Jurassic Park T-Rex figure.

    • Bigbot

      I need to finish reading all the comments before posting.

  6. A Hedorah will probably force me to take the plunge.

  7. Jack Static

    beyond awesome, my wallet is however crying

  8. Bigbot

    I think this will be my first MonsterArts figure. I'm not too much into the other Big G (first is Galactus of course), but I liked Kong and the design is pretty awesome. I'll probably pick up Godzilla after having this one in hand, but that'll be that.

    I'm more excited for those MMPR Figuarts. Those can't come out fast enough.

  9. Mario

    Has anyone seen the insanity that is their upcoming Destroyah? Sheer madness!

    • I know, it's massive. Gonna be expensive, too. Sigh…I was never that big a fan of Destoroyah, but the story and Matt Frank's art in Godzilla: Legends #1 won me over a bit more. Plus, I'm just in the tank for this line.

    • Mario

      Same, but it's tremendous presence makes it REAL hard to resist. Nice new avatar, btw.

  10. dayraven

    that is too cool for school. king friggin kong, in godzilla scale, articulated out the wazoo… this has only been a dream for old school monster lovers for how long? thank you tamashi!

    • You aren't disappointed it's not the 1933 version? Seems like a lot of fans are. He is arguably just a well-articulated silverback gorilla.

      I'll be curious to see what the accessories are, beyond the teeny-tiny Naomi Watts. That's what will add value to the figure. It's not clear to me that the stand is part of the set.

    • Russ

      Good point Poe. If they add in small bi-planes like they've added small tanks and whatnot to the Godzilla figures, I think that would push it over to 'must-buy' status for some fans.

  11. Russ

    That is just all kinds of awesome. I've been able to resist Godzilla. Mecha-Godzilla. Even the glory that is King Ghidorah. And all of that resolve is gone now, thanks to that big beautiful ape.

  12. Tamashi, if I can just direct deposit all of my pay to you, and the figures would just come to me in the mail when they're released, it would save both of us a lot of time.

    I'll miss eating food and having new clothes, but they keep forcing me to make those tough decisions.

  13. Mario


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