Trailer for He-Man iOS Game

The tongue-in-cheek intro reminds me of the New World trailer for Godzilla 1985, but maybe that’s just me being a ridiculously sensitive fanboy.

Anyway, the game looks fun, and as long as it doesn’t try to goad me into spending real money on upgrades and so forth (I’m looking at you, Jaws Revenge), I suspect it will be a fun time.


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Happy Great Unrest Weapons Pak Day!


  1. nice job…

  2. Dead Man Walking

    Looks like a simple button masher that you can probably beat in an hour. It is cool seeing all of the MOTU characters in a game, but I wish they didn't have to be in SUPER DEFORMED! style. I do like that a lot of 200X elements have made their way into the game (bigger Beastman, skeleton soldiers). However, one place where I think Filmation beats 200X is in the look of Snake Mountain, but Mattel seems intent on the MYP Snake Mountain being the new version.

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