Happy Castle Grayskullman Day!

Look, I get people think this site is rife with negativity regarding MOTUC, at least in the comments. But the truth is I still love MOTU and MOTUC – I’m just not the obsessed person I was a couple years ago. This always happens with me – I go through fads. I’m in more of a Godzilla mood lately, but I’m sure MOTU (and/or Batman, or Hellboy, or whatever) will come back around at some point.

All of which is to say, Castle Grayskullman is pretty awesome and goes on sale today. What’s his appeal? I think it’s that he feels both brand-new and a perfect throwback to the days of MOTU yore.

Anyway, CGM is on sale today, along with Filmation King Randor (which I’m actually rather excited about – always wanted this as a kid), Dekker (whom, I must confess, is a bit of an afterthought for me), the Club Infinite Earths Uncle Sam and John Constantine, and Courtroom Peter Venkman and Ray Stanz.

All-in-one sale page is here. And as you face the White Screen of Doom, may the odds be ever in your favor!


Pic of the Day > King Ghidorah (S.H.Monster Arts) by Jova Cheung


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  1. Too bad on CGM's quick sellout. I probably would have snagged one of him. He's grown on me.

    Instead I get two figures I don't want in my sub.


  2. Harrig

    He Rocks! I'd like the head without the hair as well, though – maybe the dome could have worked well. I wish I'd bought two now. As for the "unoriginal" complaints, I think it is well executed and has the spirit of the vintage line – you really could imagine it as part of the line up! He will look great next to Grayskull itself.
    Bubblor is a great concept – it would have been a worthy winner. If a customiser dosen't do a decent version of that, it would be a crying shame.

  3. Nice quick sell-out for CGM…have any other figures sold out that quickly recently? (Maybe they all are…I haven't been keeping an eye on it as much.)

    • Bigbot

      Rattlor and the DC All Stars sold out pretty fast, but nothing else I can recall recently.

  4. jumper11

    Poe, did you bust out a Space Above and Beyond reference? Holy explative mcexplative. CGM is rad.

  5. muldertp

    Also found it ridiculous to get the sale reminder email a half hour after the sale started and after CGM sold out. Glad I remembered the sale.

  6. muldertp

    I was able to order right away, but got WSODed at billing for 5 minutes. Fortunately CGM & Ray still went through.

    Randor and Dekker are already on their way with my sub.

    First JLU 3-pack I didn’t get…already made a custom Beetle I like better back when they told us he’d never be made.

    Might have gotten Hellblazer or Uncle Sam if December wasn’t going to be so ridiculous.

  7. Battle Catman

    Hmm…Castle Grayskullman goes on sale soon after the Castle pre-order goes through?

    Coincidence or conspiracy?!

  8. Misterbigbo

    Holy crap, 15 minutes in and CGM is gone ALREADY?! Dammital. . .

  9. Dead Man Walking

    CGM is okay. The hair is kind of bizarre. Mostly I'm pissed that this didn't win: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/304385

  10. Mysterious Stranger

    Got in and out in under 3 minutes with a little WSOD between cart and billing but after that (and a mis-keyed CAPTCHA) this month was a lot less painful than last.

  11. dayraven

    to me, it speaks volumes about the quality of the CGM design that so many fans are talking about snagging more than one (and i just did, even though i didn't talk about it much beforehand) and i didn't even do that w/ draego (though i know a few folks did). CGM, while i loathe the name, is just a spot-on concept that absolutely looks like it just stepped out of the vintage line. kudos to mr benedict for doing it right. (and by right, i mean passing on the purple jumpsuit and playing card motif)

  12. Mysterious Stranger

    I'm really looking forward to Castle Grayskullman. Especially now that Castle Grayskull itself is going forward. I'll be getting a few extras of CGMan today to add as dio props in CG next year.

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