The New He-Man Smartphone/Tablet Game is Out

Apparently I’ve been so distracted by other stuff lately, I missed the fact that the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe iOS game came out on October 25. I just downloaded it and will post my thoughts once I’ve had time to play it. Android versions are reportedly coming too.

In the meantime, here are a few reviews I found via a quick Web search:


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  1. Got this apps!.. games are a component of any android smartphone and almost smartphone user now a days just sit down and playing games for their pass time

  2. I really enjoyed watching He-Man animation cartoon series and since than I was expecting to play a game of that cartoon versions. It's good to know game versions has been released and I'm very excited to play this game in my Tablet. Thanks. :p

  3. misterbigbo

    It's my first iOS game, and it's cute. I think I might pick up the old-fashioned Bluetooth gamepad they sell over at Thinkgeek, cuz playing games without a controller is too new-tangled for me.

  4. Sunny

    Love this game!! Can't wait for more updates in the future – I want to see Teela, Webstor and Evil-Lyn

  5. LBD_Nytetrayn

    I hope you don't mind me plugging this here, but so long as you're looking, I reviewed it as well:

  6. It's insanely fun!

  7. I've got this on the iPad. Fun game! Mindless fun, but still fun.

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