Two Grown Men & a Little Castle Grayskull

Presented without comment:

In related news, Mattel sweetened the Castle Grayskull pot by offering a cross-sell poster of all MOTUC figures released by the time the playset comes out. Also, Scott Neitlich did a new write-up on the castle on Mattycollector.

The thermometer is pretty close. Just over four more days left…


Pic of the Day > Microman Micro Force team by chogokinjawa


S.H.MonsterArts Destoroyah Hi-Res Pics


  1. Mario

    You have to appreciate the effort…

  2. The Big R

    this video is priceless. i know one friend who doesnt collect just pre ordered CG and ordered a bunch of MOTUC for his kids based on this and the castle grayskullman videos alone. Awesome!!!

  3. Mark

    For all you MOTU fans I hope it gets made.
    Maybe it's time get in Dolph and Frank to make an appeal video. 😉

  4. dayraven

    i have to say, w/ both political candidates were out stumping, there were repeated woes for how we're still recovering from economic woes… but the number of people on the web talking about ordering two grayskulls means either there's a lot of posturing, or the economy is doing just fine by some people. (why hire new employees to help a growing business, when you can buy 2 castles, just to get an extra poster!?) i bought my one and that's it. it's all i can afford, it's all i care to afford, and it's all i have room for. i do hope that enough people get in on the pre-order to get the castle made, but i don't want it to turn into a clusterfudge like the sub issue did, w/ some stupid yokel buying 30 castles or something equally egregious.

    • stack32

      You're assuming people are being rational. I'm afraid there's a non-trivial number of MOTUC fans who will make a stupid financial decision to make sure this thing gets made.

  5. Jack Static

    I had a dream last night. In it the pre-order minimum was met for the Castle, and it wound up being the greatest playset ever. I want it to be made. I still don’t know. But it is litterally the thing dreams are made of for me now. However Come Nov 13 one thing is for certain. I will be drinking heavily. Whether its a pity party or a celebration is yet to be determined.

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