Castle Grayskullman’s Ultimate Accessory Kit Goes On Sale December 12th

Joe Amaro is at it again. For a mere $30, you can outfit your Castle Grayskullman in the way you dreamed. Designed in collaboration with Daniel Benedict, this will give you the definitive Castle Grayskullman Experience – if you’re into that sort of thing. Which I’m guessing you are.

Customizing sets on sale Wednesday Dec. 12th at 9PM (Eastern Standard Time). No minimum order.

x1 Skull Head
x1 Removable Helmet
x1 Display Stand

The skull head does snap into place, it has full motion same as a standard production head.

$25.00 U.S.
$30.00 International
+$7.00 shipping

This set is amazing. Period. And that price is fantastic. Keep an eye on this page on December 12.


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  1. I am in to this. Unfortunately, I don't have a Castle Grayskullman to get the complete experience. This could look good with some other figures, though.

  2. Zach S.

    I can't wait to see somebody get Grayskull and deck it out with a few of these, Bronze King Grayskull, the weapons rack…etc. I will live vicariously through them and experience the awesomeness.

  3. Composite Ghost

    Third party MOTUC upgrade kits! Hell yeah!

  4. Harrig

    Nice! – I'd still like to see one without the hair and a full dome on the top of his head, but the detailing around the skull's eyes is a superb touch! The helmet version would work better as a full seperate head, although you'd lose the toylike novelty.

  5. dayraven

    i'm split on the set… the display base thing i could take or leave, the helmet i dislike, but the skull head… holy crap is that cool. the helmet is just too big, it makes the poor guy's head seem HUGE, but man… that skull head, the cool just doesn't end! ultimately, it's an easy pass for me, but man, those folks willing to pull the trigger… i do envy just a tad.

  6. Bigbot

    Once I switch the heads, is it permanent? The site mentions that you'll need an extra CGM, but it could be one way of saying "CGM not included."

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