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An increasing number of male MOTUC figures are coming with armor that covers their entire chest, thereby limiting the armor movement to “weightlifter arms” practically sticking out horizontally due to the armor increasingly the amount of plastic beneath the armpits. Other figures have restrictive plastic tunics, skirts, or loincloths. Some have both (I’m looking at you, Dekker.) What’s an articulation lover to do?

Well, it all depends on how much you love articulation and whether you’re comfortable with taking a razor to your figures. If you are, however, then Poester Dayraven has passed along a few pointers for freeing up your MOTUC figures. He sliced up his Castle Grayskullman to give the figure a greater range of arm and leg movement. He doesn’t have any before pictures (though anyone with a CGM has that), but here are some “after” pics, and a description of what he did.

First up, the arms. “I trimmed the armor below his armpits so he doesn’t have bodybuilder arms. I’ve done this w/ a ton of MOTUC figures and find it really helps poseability and for me, playability.”

“Right armpit, attempted to follow sculpted “misshapen” quality of cobblestone armor.”

“Left armpit, again trying to stimulate the craggy shapes… or am I just justifying a tricky slicing?  the armor was tough to cut because it flexed, a lot.”

“As for the crotch flap, I got used to the stiff flap some time ago… I make two slices, just above center, following the curve of the ‘fur’ so as not to ruin the look of the flap, and you get about 35% percent better front lifting from the quad when you do that.”



Pic of the Day > King Ghidorah (S.H.Monster Arts) by Jova Cheung


Odds ‘n Ends > Rising action figure prices, articulation debates, Hoverboard disappointment, Pacific Rim


  1. Somehow I am not surprised DR is the madman behind this… 😉
    Interesting concept and something I may look into for pictures with doubles

  2. As if anyone has a Castle Grayskullman!

  3. Mario

    I have the same stove. 😀

    • dayraven

      does your oven run a tad cool too? i usually have to set it between 5 and 10 degrees over my target temp to get accurate cooktimes.

    • Mario

      Ha! Nah, mine's actually a powerhouse. I have to do the opposite.

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